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Faction Wars - Final Event Teams
Greetings Adventurers! Back again mid-week with a small update post regarding the huge Faction Wars event this weekend. Listed below are the final teams that are participating in the event. Any team with 8 members will have two of their listed members as substitutes, and anyone with 6 members will have no substitutes. Those without subs will be forced to fight without certain members if their whole team doesn't show up on the day of the event.

As a reminder to anyone who missed the information last week, the event will begin at exactly 5:30pm CST this Saturday! Here's a countdown in case timezones get a bit tricky:
In the following days, an NPC will become available in the Hub, and that is how you will connect to the event realm when the event goes live.
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November Diary (Limited Frost Armor)
Greetings Adventurers! Back again with another monthly Treasure Diary! For November, we have some brand new rewards, including a set of LIMITED EDITION Frost Armor, only obtainable this month via the November Diary! Please remember that these only last for the month, and will instantly become unavailable to purchase as we enter the 1st of the month, however can still be completed after the month has ended if the user has not finished the Diary. Be sure to check it...
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60% Halloween Sale (MEGA SALE)
Greetings Adventurers! It's finally time for our MEGA 60% HALLOWEEN SALE! Sales of this magnitude don't come around often, and this will be the last sale of this size for quite some time, trust me! Don't miss out on these incredible sales of over half price off! These amazing deals will last until the 2nd of November, in which our limited edition Halloween items will be removed from the store, so make sure you take advantage of this while you can! Check it out here.

Nightmare Class + Pet Combo (AVAILABLE NOW)...