by LegendDev at 11:26 AM
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Greetings Explorers!

Over the course of the past week and a half, we've made many fixes to bugs that you all have shown us. We've taken the time to look at which were more detrimental to the server and which were more or less minor issues that can be done afterward. That said, here are your fixed bugs!

  • Cannon/Redstone Bugs
  • Creeper Eggs Placement Bug
  • "/balance" with vanished staff members
  • Necromancer now mortal
  • Offline lottery wins optimized
  • 95% Rune Bug
  • Axe mcMMO to boss gear nerfed
  • Boss leather sets acting like leather in "/duel"
  • Herobrine removed
These fixes will be released by the next server reboot.


The following bugs are currently being looked into by the development team:
  • Infinite Blindness Bug

Stay tuned for more updates regarding new bug patches and...
by Menslooter at 4:43 PM
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Hey Explorers!

Here are the rules and regulations for the event taking place this Saturday at 1 PM EST. If you fail to comply with these rules/regulations, or try to abuse any bugs then it will result in you being disqualified from the event, with no rewards given, and possibly blacklisted from any future community events depending on the severity of the offence.

Firstly, Golden Knives will not be allowed in the event arena. The Golden Knife will be removed from your inventory if you're found with one, and will not be returned to you after the event has concluded.

Secondly, all of the following will be DISABLED during the event:

  • Flying
  • Using Player Vaults
  • Gifting players partaking in the event
  • Teleporting other players into...