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Beta release, ban reset, giveaway, and more!

Hello Adventurers!

We have been working very hard over the last couple weeks to get Beta out for you guys. This is only the first step in the right direction, we’ve got a lot more coming for all of you in the near future. Stay on the lookout!


We’re prepared to bring you all a legendary experience, we believe everyone deserves a second chance, as well as a chance to play. All punishments will be wiped this Friday in preparation for our Beta release.


We have built a brand new infrastructure from the ground up for TreasureWars. This includes a new backup system with infinite version history from this point onwards, upgraded software and hardware, upgraded and optimized database, and new security measures. Due to the amount of teams that have worked on...
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Beta news, realms vote, and more!

Hello Adventurers!

Many of you may be somewhat familiar with who I am from my Discord announcement late last night.
I am officially the new server director at TreasureWars. I will be making extensive improvements and restoring TreasureWars to its flourishing state.


We are working hard everyday to bring new features to all of the realms. As well as make optimizations and the playing experience more enjoyable for all of you.
Right now, development is moving. We plan to have a release date within the next 2 weeks or so, but it’s very possible we will have a release date sooner. We know that communication is key, we would like apologize for the recent lack of communication regarding our Beta...