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Treasure Vaults Announcement
Explorers have uncovered some random holes across the lands and were teleported to wild caverns filled with wondrous rewards for all.

Greetings Adventurers!
Today, we announce a new update with an event with it.

Treasure Vaults
Treasure Vaults are a new capturable area that contains 3 different tiers of resource boosters that benefit the entire faction! Each tier will contain custom sell signs and offer boosted MCMMo and EXP.

How do we capture a vault?
Your faction and only your faction must be on the capture platform in order to maintain ownership of the post. The post will start at 0% capture rate and will increase in percentage as you hold the post. If an opposing faction stands on the post while your faction stands on the post, the vault will freeze at...
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Treasure Wars Update Post

Portals have opened up in random areas across the warzone on each realm and new beast are protecting them! There are four towers in each patch giving us cause to believe they may be important.

Greetings, Adventurers.

September Treasure Chests

A new chest has emerged from the coast and bare new rewards!


Some patches of land have randomly appeared across the warzone and are protected by Guardians. Guardians are summoned upon opening a purchased Summon Key and placing that key on a Summon Pad. Once a Guardian is killed, it will always drop the class gem related to the summon key, another summon key, or the class gear, but beware the...