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Changes To The Administration & Sr. Mod Team!
Greetings Adventurers! As Eric mentioned in his farewell post, a post was bound to come from me over the coarse of this week, and here we are! This post will be short and simple, but will hold a lot of useful information, so I'd recommend you give it a read.

With Eric leaving, we've spent the last week deciding what the best plan is from now onwards, and we have come to our conclusion. As of today, our Sr. Mods @Jobmaximous, @FluffyBear and @Ultimate_Derp will be moving up the ladder and joining us in the Administration team! With everyone under...
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Greetings Adventurers! Today I come with a heavy announcement that I am stepping down from my position as Community Manager here on Treasure Wars. With my recent schedule, I simply have not had the time nor dedication needed to hold this high position on Treasure Wars.

These Past Few Months
Back in April when Ben, Chris, and I overtook production and management of Treasure Wars, it was a little chaotic the first few days - but in a good way. Many of the staff and loyal players who were with us during those times recall that the server hadn't received an update for over a year - and that there was no proper Administration Team leading the server and managing it. That was where we came in, we saw the awesome potential in Treasure Wars, and wanted to bring it back to life - turning players' happy memories and dreams of the server coming back into a...
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Greetings Adventurers! As we approach the half way mark of this spooky month, we have some more exciting things to share. We hope you enjoy all the new additions, and be sure to read all the way to the end, as we have some important information to share! Also enjoy another 50% HALLOWEEN SALE this weekend only - see you all online!

Faction Warps
One of the most community suggested ideas is finally here, Faction Warps! From now onward, all Factions will officially have access to a total of 9 Faction Warps that they can do anything they like with! To set your very first Faction Warp, simply use the command /f setwarp (warp-name), and optionally,...