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Hey guys!

It is my unfortunate responsibility to inform you all that unfortunately @Eraze has departed from the Network.
I'd like to take some time, on behalf of all of the staff here at TreasureWars, to thank @Eraze for all he's done in his time here, and I'd encourage you all to do the same. TreasureWars would be a lot worse off than it is now without him, and the impact he had on the Network in his time here has been unbelievably beneficial to both players and staff alike.

Moving forward - What's happening?
For the foreseeable future, the team will be working as hard as ever on events for you guys (along with some other things) until...
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Greetings Adventurers! We're excited to bring you a new weekly update, with some new awesome features, adjustments and fixes! Along with this, we're happy to announce a 50% SALE this weekend only, to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day! Get an edge on your opponents with our awesome store deals at

Faction Vault
This week we wanted to focus on adding some more functionality to your Factions. It's been largely suggested from the community that we add a space for your faction to hold valuable items shared by the entire Faction, and we're happy to announce that Faction Vaults will solve that issue! Now, all Factions will have access to a live-vault, accessible by anyone that has permission inside your Faction. This will help fac users share their belongings and keep track of items when other are offline. To access this vault, simply use /f vault. Hope you enjoy!

Rift Summoners
Time for even more chaos in the Warzones! Introducing Rift Summoners, a purchased item allowing you to spawn a rift in where-ever you like, with any mob you choose! This item can be purchased from the store, and gives a 100% boss drop rate to the user that places it, along with increased rates for the top 3 killers! If you're trying to collect a boss set, this might be the best option for you!


Rename Tag
Our latest consumable item, allowing you to take your gear to the next level! The Rename Tag item will allow you to rename any item with custom colors, formatting and more! Simply drag and drop this consumable and enter your desired name in chat! Ever wanted to give each sword its own name? Now's your time! This item is available at

Smaller Adjustments & Fixes
Here's a list of smaller changes, adjustments and fixes made with this weekends update:

  • Scroll cool-downs have all been decreased due to popular demand. Common/Special Scrolls now have a 6 hour cool-down, with Legendary and Heroic on a 12 hour cool-down.
  • /feed cool-down has been reduced to 3 minutes for anyone that has access to the command.
  • Fixed multiple issues causing some users to not receive their purchased items from store.
  • Fixed a minor dupe bug with /hat in duels.