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Greeting Adventurers,

Today we had a QnA in the Treasure Wars Discord. Here, we established that CruderTax, hellaflop and GamerGirl28 will be taking over as the new Treasure Wars Management team.

CruderTax will be in charge of the Staff Team, this means he will be looking at staff applications to see which applications are the strongest and therefore will be responsible for the Staff Team as a whole. If you have any concerns about a member of staff, please start a conversation with him or PM him via Discord: CruderTax#0001

I, hellaflop will be in charge of Community Relations. This means I will be announcing new updates, Newsletters and Community Upvotes. If you have any new ideas for the Newsletter or would like to...
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Treasure Vaults Announcement
Explorers have uncovered some random holes across the lands and were teleported to wild caverns filled with wondrous rewards for all.

Greetings Adventurers!
Today, we announce a new update with an event with it.

Treasure Vaults
Treasure Vaults are a new capturable area that contains 3 different tiers of resource boosters that benefit the entire faction! Each tier will contain custom sell signs and offer boosted MCMMo and EXP.

How do we capture a vault?
Your faction and only your faction must be on the capture platform in order to maintain ownership of the post. The post will start at 0% capture rate and will increase in percentage as you hold the post. If an opposing faction stands on the post while your faction stands on the post, the vault will freeze at...