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Treasure Wars Update Post

Since the corrupted rifts have crept out from their molten portal, the people of Treasure Wars banded together to defend their land, overall becoming Guardians of their realms. New heroes rise everyday and those who battle the Rifts grow stronger and stronger.

Greetings, Adventurers.

Rift Event Winners

We brought back Rifts to be conquered by you all but we didn’t expect you all to go out there and crush it! Players from all realms worked together to rack up points and move up the leaderboards. There were many valiant attempts at taking the lead, but in the end, the following members from each realm will bask in the glory of being the victors and receive the new Guardian Class. Second place will also gain 3 Mythic...
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Treasure Wars Update Post
The fallen realm of Molten Depths was plundered, and the lands consumed, by the Corrupted Wyverns that now rule the realm and allow no one to enter. After many years of pillaging the lands, they’re now looking to expand their empire, and have begun to invade the four existing realms. They have begun tearing rifts in the fabric of the four realms, and are sending scouts through to check the lands are worthy of their tyrannous reign. You, the adventurers of the realm, will need to slay the scouts they send through in order to defend the realm from the onslaught of attacking Wyvern scouts and attempt to gain the rare, and powerful, Corrupted Wyvern armor! From this we may be able to learn the secrets of the fallen realm, Molten Depths.

Greetings, Adventurers.

Where have we been?

The straight answer is we were caught in a...