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Huge 60% Christmas Store Sale
Happy Holiday's Adventurers! A new year is fast approaching, so be prepared for more adventures and surprises! The upcoming year will be one filled with much more content, as we continue to refine the experience on Treasure Wars and take things to an all new level! As our gift to you, we're hosting a CRAZY 60% OFF Sale on the Server Store! The Treasure Wars staff wants to wish you all happy holidays and hopes you all have a great new year!

Limited Santa Class + Elf Pet
The holidays finally here, and to help enjoy one of the best times of the year, we have another new and exciting update for you all to enjoy. As of today Santa Class is once again available on the store to purchase! In addition to this new class, Santa's helpers will also be making an appearance this holiday season. So get ready to see the Elf pet roaming around, and be sure to get your hands on one! Both the Santa Class and Elf Pet will be offered as a bundle on our Server Store! These two holiday exclusives will only be available for unlock until January 2nd.


3 New Enchantments
As promised in our reset post, we plan to constantly release new enchantments every few updates, constantly giving a fresh feel to the server and providing some awesome new content! This time around, we're given three new enchantments that will be featured on our new Frost Walker Class! Take a look, and be sure to give them a try in-game!

Backbone - Armor Enchantment [MAX Lvl 5]
Description: When procing, Backbone gives the user a chance of blocking any damage coming from behind them.

Frostbite - Axe Enchantment [MAX Lvl 4]
Description: When procing, Frostbite gives your opponent a short burst of mining fatigue, slowing their swing speed and preventing them from attacking quickly.

Mirror - Armor Enchantment [MAX Lvl 5]
Description: When procing, Mirror takes the next bit of damage received, and gives it to your opponent as well as yourself.

New Class: Frost Walker

It's certainly been a while since we've had a new class on the store that wasn't limited edition, but it's time to break that cycle! We're very excited to introduce the new Frost Walker Class, featuring all three of our new Enchantments! Take control of the arctic, and don't let anyone cross your path this season! Let shards of ice bind your weaponry, leaving even the most fearless running far, far away. With this legendary class, you'll be sure to leave your own frosty mark wherever your path leads you. This Class can be purchased today at

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Greetings Adventurers! It's officially only 24 hours until the Treasure Wars Global Reset hits our realms, are you excited? Today I'm bringing you this short update posts in preparation for our big day tomorrow. Please pay close attention, as we have some very important changes being made that you'll want to be aware of! See you online!

If you missed any information regarding the Global Reset, please read this thread, and reach out to our amazing Staff team if you have any questions! [THREAD LINK]

40% Off Reset Sale
To celebrate this long awaited reset, we'll be hosting an amazing 40% Off Sale for every realm until Tuesday! Check out our Server Store, and take advantage of our incredible deals to give you an extra competitive edge for this reset, it could make all the difference!

Reset Booster Pack
You asked, we delivered! This reset, we're offering a first of it's kind - a special Reset Booster available for EVERYONE! Want to get a competitive edge straight away this season? Take advantage of this incredible offer, and get in-front of your competition for a fraction of the price! We're excited to offer the following packages for only $60! Everything on this list comes to above $200, so you're getting it for a quarter of the price!

  • $250,000 In-game Money
  • 400 MCMMO Tokens
  • 5x Mythic Rune Pouches
  • 3x Mythic War Chest Keys
  • 1x Timeless Heroic Scroll
  • 1x Cooldown Shard
This package will become available on the store as soon as the reset goes live, so keep an eye out!

Purchasable Unbans Reset
After some discussion with our Staff team and members within the community, we have decided that since we're approaching a reset, we are going to reset the 1 year cool-down on our Network unban package. Many members of the community are looking forward to a second chance, and a new adventure on Treasure Wars this season. If you're someone who has been unable to purchase an unban, now's your chance, and don't screw it up!

Reset Feature Changes + Additions
  • Faction Resources: After our initial reset post, we've been paying close attention to concerns from the community regarding this new system, the most common being the desire to have separate farms within the Faction, and not having to share drops. Because of this, we have moved the system slightly to allow more freedom in this regard. Now, instead of having a singular resource collection for the whole Faction, users can make as many as they like. To do this, you'll be prompted to link your spawners with a chest (Collection Chest) when placing them. Once you've successfully linked your spawners (multiple spawners can go to a single chest), the mob drops will go directly to the linked chest when entering a hopper.

    These chests will be able to hold unlimited amounts of resources, meaning there's no need for huge sorting systems with thousands of hoppers and chests. We're very eager to have you try it out!
  • Faction User Power: One of the most suggested things during the past few days was for us to change the amount of power each user can have inside a Faction, and we've finally decided on a number! From now on, each user will have a total of 20 power instead of 10!
  • Gen Buckets On Hold: Once again, after evaluating the response from the community, we have decided to put an immediate hold on our Gen Buckets system. This does not mean the feature will never enter Treasure Wars, it simply means we want to take some more time to ensure we get it right, and are able to provide a new and exciting experience that everyone will enjoy!
  • Cannon Schematics, Coming Soon: Cannon Schematics was certainly our most ambitious change with this update, being a very complicated system, that took a lot of time to create. Because the season is just about to start, we've decided that it'd be best to let the realms settle in before allowing users to access this feature, so it doesn't put any unnecessary strain on the server in the first few days, and so users can begin to build their bases in peace - you can look forward to seeing this feature introduced within one of the first few updates!