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Greetings Adventurers! I'm here early this week, with an announcement that we have a fun event coming up this weekend! With a few of our Admin members (including myself) being completely unavailable this weekend, we've come to the conclusion that this would be the perfect weekend for an event, with plenty of prizes up for grabs. Be sure to mark your calendars and make yourself available so you don't miss the Rift Battle madness!

Rift Battle Event
Get ready for an awesome weekend, because the Rift Battle is about to begin! To encourage the community to get involved and participate in our awesome new Rift system, we've planned an Event where you can earn some awesome rewards by participating in the Warzone! The aim of the event is to gain as many Rift Shards as possible within a 48 hour period. To gain Rift Shards, simply deal as much damage to each Rift Boss as possible, for every percent of damage you deal, you'll be rewarded with 1 Rift Shard!

This Event will go for the whole weekend, beginning at
6pm CST on Friday, and finishing at 6pm CST on Sunday, meaning there's plenty of time for everyone to jump online, enjoy themselves and fight for some awesome prizes! For a live countdown to the beginning of this, check out this link:

Event Winner Rewards
1st Place: $75 Store Voucher
2nd Place: $50 Store Voucher
3rd Place: $25 Store Voucher

Event Milestone Rewards
The following rewards can be unlocked when reaching a certain amount of Rift Shards earned. This is to encourage everyone to get involved, and ensure everyone can earn a reward by participating.

100 Rift Shards: 250 Warcoins + Slot Crystal
250 Rift Shards: 100 MCMMO Levels + 3 Blaze Spawners
500 Rift Shards: 2x Iron Golem Spawners + Mythic Rune Pouch
750 Rift Shards: Event Rune Pouch + 3 Mythic Keys
1000 Rift Shards: Mystery Class Crate

To check the current leader-board, your own stats and your milestone unlocks, simply use /event!

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Cupid Class + Pet & 50% Sale
Greetings Adventurers! Welcome to the most romantic month of the year, where we all wish we had real boyfriends and girlfriends, rather than our stuffed creeper pillows... To start off this update, we're excited to bring back the Cupid Class and Pet, now available on the store! Be sure to read the bottom of the post also, where you'll see news about the future of Class Gems on the store. To go with this update, we're hosting a loving 50% Valentines Store Sale, so be sure to take advantage of that at!

February Diary (Valentines Armor)
A new Diary? That's right. We're back strong this month with a Valentines themed Diary! For February, we have some brand new rewards, including a set of LIMITED EDITION Valentine Armor, only obtainable this month via the February Diary! When wearing this limited edition Armor set, users will receive an awesome ability when in combat, piercing their opponents with hearts as they fight, helping them to come out victorious - this ability acts as an extra enchant, without using a slot!

Please remember that these only last for the month, and will instantly become unavailable to purchase as we enter the 1st of the month, however can still be completed after the month has ended if the user has not finished the Diary. Be sure to check it our here on the
STORE and don't miss out, as some of these limited edition rewards will never be seen again. Here's a look at what's on the table this month:


Creeper King Return
It's finally time, the long awaited King has made a return! This week, to further advance the boss system from last update, we have reintroduced the Creeper King with a fresh look and all-new abilities! When the king spawns, you will see three charged Creepers stacked on top of
each-other. In order to defeat this boss, you MUST always kill the bottom layer first, before you can get to the next, making this a strategic and dangerous fight for everyone involved. As well as brand new Boss Armor, this boss also has a chance of dropping a special King Creeper Egg with a huge blast radius, and a 100% chance of destroying spawners when raiding!


New Boss Armor
Instead of focusing on a brand new system this week and flooding the server with more things, we wanted to continually work on improving our current system, and what better than the new boss system. It's about time we've had some new elements to armor and set-building, and boy is this one going to change everything! As of now, each boss has its own individual Armor set that can be rarely gained piece-by-piece when killing each boss.

The special thing about these Boss Armor pieces are what they can do. Each boss has a set of three enchantments tied to it, which bind to their boss pieces. When wearing these sets, it boosts the 3 enchantments related to that boss by 5% each piece, making them proc more often! That means, if you're wearing the Creeper King leggings for example, X, X and X will be boosted by 5%. If you're wearing leggings and boots, those enchants will be boosted by 10%, all the way up to 20% if you're wearing all 4 pieces!

This opens up a whole new level of set creation on Treasure Wars, because you can mix and match pieces from all different bosses. If you want, you could choose to wear 4 different pieces from different bosses, meaning you're boosting 12 enchants by 5% at once!

As well as Enchant boosting, these sets offer another benefit. If you're wearing a complete set from a specific boss, you'll receive cool particle effects on your armor, as well as Resistance 1! This is currently the only way to get resistance in Treasure Wars, making these Boss Armor pieces incredibly valuable and worth grinding. Will you be the first to have a full God Boss Set?


Anti-cheat Update (TreasureGuard)
Over the past few weeks we have been receiving many messages and comments about our new anti-cheat system, along with a few issues causing users to disconnect. This section serves as a general update towards the system, outlining what we're doing to move forward. The anti-cheat has been a constant work in progress, and is progressively getting better by the day which is great. We're working hard to resolve false-positive issues, causing people to disconnect or be kicked from the server. A patch will be releasing today to fix a majority of these issues, along with more detailed kick messages, letting you know exactly why you have been kicked, so you can report it to an Administrator if there's an issue. We understand that the community wants hackers to be gone, and issues to be fixed more than actual new content, so we're working hard to create a healthy balance of both, where we can enjoy new things, and also see constant improvements to our systems.

Store Classes Back To Gems
I'm sure you've been eager to see this one.. If you haven't caught on, we will officially be moving all store bought classes back to their old prices, and giving 100% GEMS when purchasing. We understand that when paying for something on the store, you want to be guaranteed this item, and we apologize to those who were unhappy with the current system. Whilst saying this, Crates will remain in-game for those who win classes from things like crates and war chests, as we feel like this is a much more suited place for them. These changes will be effective immediately.