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Greetings Adventurers! Back again with another update, this time a week earlier than usual, since we're trying to catch up on time we missed over the new year! We have some exciting things happening this weekend with this awesome content, as well as the
Treasure Mine Event tomorrow - so make sure you don't forget that! We hope you enjoy the update, and we'll see you online!

New Class: Scout
A new month, a new class! Whilst we don't necessarily want to be introducing new classes every month, we're still working on bringing out new sets for the community to enjoy, since our class library is much smaller than it used to be now! With that being said, we're thrilled to introduce the new Scout Class, featuring all 5 of our new Enchantments! Make your adventures memorable this season, as you trek through the forest in your new scout gear! This new Class can be purchased today at with our 30% Off Weekend Sale!

Demon Rift Revamp
It's finally time for the bosses on Treasure Wars to get some well-deserved love! This week we've decided that it's finally time to re-visit the boss systems on the realms, to generally improve the whole experience. The main change with this new system will be the removal of randomly spawning bosses through the Warzone. Whilst they are fun to have roaming around, we wanted to take advantage of the amazing Rift system that is already on the network, and move the random bosses into this instead. So, from now on, the Demon Rifts will be able to spawn more than just the regular old Magma Lord!

Every 10 - 15 minutes, a rift will open in the Warzone, with a randomly selected boss, as well as the regular Rift Demons, which have also been given a fresh look! The benefit of this change is that it allows us to easily add more bosses over time, growing this system into an exciting and consistent part of the Network. Here's a revised list of all the changes made to Rifts with this update:

  • Improved all current messages and announcements for Rifts.
  • Adjusted the health of all existing mobs, making them a more balanced fight.
  • Added particle effects to bosses, to give them a nice look and make them more noticeable.
  • Changed up the look of the Brotherhood Phantom, including new armor and effects.
  • Adjusted and added new abilities to existing bosses.
  • Prevented Rifts from opening in bad places in the Warzone.
  • Added a countdown hologram above rifts, showing when the boss spawns in.
  • Top #3 warriors now receive a Mythic Loot Crate, with the #1 also having a rare chance of getting a boss-drop.
  • Boss Health is now displayed above the Rift Portal once it has spawned.


New Boss: Ender Knight
With the new Rift and Boss system, we thought it was perfect time to bring a new boss into the realms of Treasure Wars! From today, you'll be seeing the Ender Knight spawn from the Demon Rift. This boss is quick, agile, confusing and VERY powerful! Carrying amazing loot, this boss is ready to fight, and desperately wants to survive. The Ender Knight has many strengths, including the ability to switch the position of players, spawn demonic Endermites, blind players and shoot a fierce beam of darkness into its enemies. Are you brave enough to face this demon?


New Enchantments
Another month, another Enchantment update! This weekend we have 5 more enchants being added to the realms, two you might even be familiar with from the past! All of these enchants will be featured on our new Scout Class, available on the store today!

Greed - Weapon Enchantment [MAX Lvl 5]
Description: When procing, Greed has a chance of doubling incoming War Coins from Warzone death based activities.

Vine Grasp - Sword Enchantment [MAX Lvl 3]
Description: When procing, Vine Grasp has a chance of dragging a player back to you if they move out of a certain range, making it impossible for them to escape!

Escapist - Helmet Enchantment [MAX Lvl 5]
Description: Escapist procs when throwing an Enderpearl, giving your next EPearl cooldown a chance of being shorter, based on the level.

Rift Shield - Armor Enchantment [MAX Lvl 5]
Description: Based on your Enchantment Level, Rift Shield makes you stronger, taking significantly less damage from Rift Bosses and Demons.

Rift Slayer - Weapon Enchantment [MAX Lvl 5]
Description: When procing, Rift Slayer gives you the ability to inflict more damage on any Rift Bosses or Demons.

Race Change
Another very important change, that many, many people have been asking for. As of late, Races and PVP have been an ongoing issue for many players, as they constantly need to switch back and forth in order to fight the players they actually want to fight, which seems to be splitting the server up and providing less PVP opportunities on the realms. Because of this, we have officially removed the Race restrictions, and are now allowing races to damage each-other. Please keep in mind that this change may not be permanent, and may be changed in the future based on the state of the server. We do plan to make some more significant changes to Races in the future, so you can look forward to that!

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Treasure Mine Event
Greetings Adventurers! It's been a minute since our last event, so it's time to get ready for an awesome weekend full of amazing loot, fun adventurers and plenty more! The whole Staff Team have been working effortlessly to put this event together for you all to enjoy, so please be sure to say thanks when you see them online!

On all four realms at 4pm EST this Saturday, the doors will open to an ancient mine, full of treasures you'll definitely want to get your hands on. To get there, simply use /event, and you'll be teleported to the beginning! This maze-like mine consists of two levels, multiple pvp-zones, parkour mania and redstone traps to keep you thinking constantly! Hidden all through this mine are hidden chests and rewards, containing some of the best loot in the game. The event comes in certain stages, you'll need to work your way to the end of the maze to claim the ultimate prizes, the things you all came here for! Think you have what it takes? See you online this weekend! LIVE COUNTDOWN: CLICK HERE

Event Rewards
Listed below are all the rewards available in the maze, along with the individual rewards received by the first users to finish the maze!

First Place Finisher:
1x First Place Trophy
1x God Rank Gem

Second - Fifth Finishers:

1x Runner Up Trophy

All Maze Finishers:
1x Event Admin Item

Parkour Extended Route Reward:
1x Golden Knife
1x Parkour Trophy

Hidden Maze Rewards:

30+ Class Crates
50+ Mythic, Rare and Uncommon Keys
5+ Rank Gems
20+ Event Rune Pouches (100% Success Rate Mythic Runes)
Legendary, Special and Common Pet Eggs
Timeless Scrolls and Heroic Scroll Skips
Slot Crystals, Protection Runes and Soul Gems
Alteration Orbs and Mythic Rune Pouches
Maxed Res Skulls
MCMMO Vouchers
Admin Skulls