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Hey adventurers, this post will be for you guys the community to come up with ideas of enchants that could be added in the future with classes. These enchants can be from weapons, armor, and even tools! Make sure you think real hard and come up with the best enchant so it can be featured. If you agree with another players enchant idea, you can give it a like rating. This will really benefit the management team with which enchants to introduce in the near future!

Layout example:
Enchant Tier: Mythic
Name: Platemail
Piece: Helmet, Chestplate, Leggings, & Boots.
Levels: 1-3
Stacking Status: No
Affect: Gain damage resistance at the trade off of slowness.

If you post anything else besides an enchant idea, you will be PUNISHED accordingly and your post will be deleted!


The Staff Team

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Treasure Wars Change Log #5
After the evil goblins left, leaving the land in ruins, the blacksmiths and townspeople came together to rebuild. They started with the most necessary and worked to the smallest of issues, making the lands a much more suitable place to live. Things are looking up for the people of Treasure Wars!

Greetings Adventurers!

Every week, we give you guys an update for all the bugs we’ve managed to look into and fix. Since reset was last week, we’ve asked you all to let us know if you’ve spotted anything abnormal and you’ve done just that. So, without further ado, here are the bug fixes.


July 7th
  • Casino was a scammer and took 50k and gave the incorrect amount back if you won!
  • Faction chat broke server rules and spammed players.
  • Removed...