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Greetings explorers of TreasureWars! My name is Halvar and I will be announcing the upcoming changes that are about to occur/take place. Along with that, I hope you’re all having a wonderful day and I genuinely hope that I can get to know many of you personally.

TreasureWars New Management Team

As many of you are aware, the server hasn’t been updated in a few months. I will be joining the management team as a manager, and with me I bring three colleagues, all of whom are developers. I will start my introducing my colleagues, before giving you a little information about myself.

Firstly we have Brendan (@AzureDev), who will be joining the team as the lead developer. He will be in charge of all the entire development team working on bugs and features that are being patched and implemented.

Next we have Zach (@Huli), who I’ve been...
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Hey Adventurers!

As the title suggests, the forums issues have now been resolved.

The Administration Team