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Hey Adventurers!

It's the time of year where the appreciation for our mums is at it's greatest. Ranging from helping with chores to making your mum breakfast in bed, it's always great to give back the kindness that they have given to you.

To celebrate the mother's day occasion we are doing at 25% off sale on our server store!
Take advantage of this sale before it's gone as it will only last for a day!

For future information keep an eye out on these forums and our Twitter!

Happy Looting!

~ Phantom
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Hey Adventurers!

We have been listening to the feedback some people have brought to us and so the time has come for us to finally launch the official Teamspeak server for Treasure Wars! Teamspeak is a software that allows you to talk to groups of people at a time, and can be used to contact staff members with ease or even for casual chats with your friends. To download Teamspeak you can go here:

Come join fellow treasure hunters on the Teamspeak server with the IP:

For the latest information about Treasure Wars keep checking out these forum announcements and our Twitter!

Happy looting!

~ Phantom
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Hey Adventurers!

We're not stopping with the updates on the server, and after the responses we have seen for the custom enchantments that we released yesterday, we're ready to bring you another new feature!

Custom Classes

Today we have 3 brand new classes that will provide you with great sets of gear to help you traverse the looting grounds to find your treasures! The new classes implement many of the new custom enchantments that we just released yesterday, so if you haven't experienced them yet, now's the chance. These classes can be bought on the server store and can be used once every 72 hours. Once in-game, you can access the classes by typing "/class" in the chat.

Warrior Class...