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Hey Adventurers!

What an amazing week it has been. The battlefields have been filled with those wielding the Beastmaster class, bringing their wolves wherever they go, to calling in their insect swarms. So far it's been a blast, and we're back again with some more updates for you.

* New Class - "Pyromancer"
* 5 New Enchantments
* New Champion - "Magma Lord"
* New Spawn Egg - "Charged Creeper"

* 30% Sale & Revamped Class Prices

Pyromancer Class

Wield the flame and burn your enemies!
Cunning and fiery.
Use your powers to wield the flame of Vulcan, casting the fire upon your foes. Make it rain from the sky burning all those in your path. Using those powers given to you since birth, control the flames and make them do your bidding. Do you have the power to wield the legendary flame?

Infernal Crossbow of Vulcan
Shimmering with sparks of...
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Hey Adventurers!

After our amazing weekend with the War Chests, I am excited to bring you all another round of updates.

* New Class - "Beastmaster"
* 5 New Enchantments
* 2x Mcmmo
* 30% Sale

Beastmaster Class
Call the beasts, defeat your foes!
Silent and resourceful.
With silent steps, the Beastmaster sneaks upon their prey, with the ancient bow drawn, set to take down their target. Upon command, beasts appear all over prepared to aid the Beastmaster in battle. Only those who have the call can be named Beastmaster.

Hunting Bow of Artemis
The personal hunting tool of Artemis, greek goddess of the hunt.
Insect Swarm
Animal Aid

Wolf Fur Hat
In the moonlight, you become the beast.
Wild Mark

Animal Fur Leather Chestpiece
Your greatest kills displayed...
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Hey Adventurers!

We've spent the past few weeks bringing out a bunch of amazing updates, and now it's time to release another that we have been very excited for! Introducing....War Chests!

Forged by the Overlords in a time past, within the caverns of the Eternal Flame, the War Chests were created as magic vessels to hold secrets of the past. These mythical items were coated with magic wards to keep their secrets locked away, their power deemed far too great for that of a common man.

However, as goes with every well laid plan, the magic fields have been dampened, and War Chests across the battlefield have awoken once more. Now, armed with the right key, you can finally unlock the secrets within, and wield a power far greater than man was ever meant to witness.

Keys to the War Chests can be obtained from our Server Store,...