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Greetings Adventurers!

For all your raiders out there, prepare yourselves. Plundering others bases and loot has never been easier. With the brand new addition of the Raider Class and Raider Pet you will find that raiding a base has become much more of a manageable task. This brand new class will be equipped with everything you will need to hunt down your foes and steal their loot. Both the Raider Class and Raider Pet will be offered as a bundle on our Server Store! With the release of this new class comes a sale that is just as epic. For this weekend only take advantage of the new 35% OFF Sale on everything in the Server Store!

Raider Class

Harness the power of TNT. With this brand new class...
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Greetings Adventurers!

Have you been finding it hard to find people to pvp in warzone? Introducing the Treasure Washup Event! This brand new event will occur in the warzone every 30-90 minutes. All warzone chests will instantly respawn with higher tier loot than before. There will be an alert in chat about the start of the event, so get ready to run. With this new event for all your adventures comes 30% OFF Sale on everything in the Server Store! Rush for glory and riches as battle ensues on the battlefield. Will you be the first to obtain new found riches or will you sink and lose it all? Prove your skills and collect your treasure. Endless treasure awaits you. Will you be the one to rule the warzone? (Washup event will be active on all realms...