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Greetings Adventurers!

The Hype for the Cursed Desert Reset is beginning to grow!. To increase the competition and fun, a rare Admin Box has been placed! This quest will be more challenging than any other. Your task is to find and raid this admin box. This will be no small feat. Inside lies treasure/prizes that will be awarded After The Reset! So make your cannons and get ready to raid!

[​IMG] [​IMG]

Failure to follow the below rules will result in Disqualification from the event!

Admin Box Rules:

The Admin Box MUST be raided through normal means and MUST be cannoned into.
Any Exploiters/Glitchers caught undermining the event...
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Greetings Adventurers!

Everyone has been excited after seeing that Bandit Hills was the first realm to be reset. This weekend there will be another much needed reset. We have been working hard on getting ready for the upcoming reset of the Cursed Desert! Many of you have been wanting it and we have delivered. For this reset we will also be having mayhem which is bound to be a blast!

Cursed Desert Reset

On February 12th the Cursed Desert will be resetting with a brand new map and spectacular warzone! With this fresh reset the Orc Race will also be added. So get ready for some action pack adventurers counting down to reset. Get ready for some Mayhem!


Starting today and lasting the 3 days until reset
Mayhem will ensue! What's mayhem is what some of you might be wondering. Mayhem will be a mix...