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The Reawakening

Now that the lands have been restored from the scavenging and ruins that once were, the realms are now open for the conquering. The evil Goblins who froze the realms are running and only the best factions can succeed to be champions and hunt them down and bring them to justice! Will you be among them?​

Updates we've done over the week:

Take a Stroll Through the Good Old Shop

Players preferred the older shop designs with the signs, or maybe it was just the design of the old shop. Either way, we brought both back! The shop will now contain signs so that players can explore the blocks before using them! Blocks will be displayed behind their signs to give each player what specific block they’re using. Be sure to check out the old shop on your way back in.

New Chat Features

Players are now able to show off their new items...
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Greetings Adventurers!
We understand the frustration that has come across the server, we are simply going to ensure that this NEVER repeats it self. The reset that was supposed to occur the 29th of June did not go as planned, but do not get me wrong we will be coming back even stronger now! We know that all the management teams in the past had made you the same promise as we just have, but we all live under the moral of never breaking a promise.

Let's all be honest, we, the management team would of never known that the worst event that could happen would occur on the official hyped launch. The simple answer is we just weren't ready and prepared. We had a month to get to know the functionality of the server and it's infrastructure, and in that month, make new features as well as fix bugs. So it was honestly a bit rushed. It's the worse nightmare for myself and the rest of the team, we apologize...