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Hey Adventurers!

Recently, we've had some technical difficulties with the forums. These mainly being to do with reports, appeals, staff applications, community relations applications and more.

Unfortunately, a solution to these issues has not been found yet, although we are working very hard to find one.

As a result of this, we ask that you create conversations with the relevant staff members. You must use the existing format which is still available in the relevant section (depending on the issue).

Chargeback Appeal/query -- Jobmaximous

Staff Application -- Ultimate_Derp

Community Relations Application -- Fluffybear

Appeal -- Menslooter and any Sr mod with the Punishments Team tag.

Report -- Any Moderator with the Punishments Team tag.
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Greetings Adventurers! We haven't released an announcement post in over a week, so we've decided it's time to update everybody on what's been happening and some of the changes that are going to be occurring on the server! We also have some exciting announcements regarding YouTubers, so stay tuned for that! With that being said, be sure to take a seat, grab your popcorn and get ready to read this announcement post!

Paying back Chargeback Bans

First up on the list is something the whole of the staff team have been wanting to re-introduce for a while now. Starting from the time this announcement is posted, if your chargeback ban is judged to be valid (meaning there is sufficient proof on our end it was you that executed the chargeback), you will be given the...