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Greetings Adventurers! We're finally back at work and in our normal routine after an incredibly busy near year and holiday season - it's nice to have settled down again! With our Developer coming back from holidays earlier this week, we have a nice update for you guys. Hope you all enjoy, and we'll see you online!

Payment Confirmations
Something that has been suggested over and over is a more secure way to accept payments, to ensure that you're never in risk of having a false charge-back made against you, or dealing with any negative repercussions for a payment that wasn't made by you. So, we're very excited to announce the release of our own /confirm system, allowing you to manually accept any payments made by you from the store.

You might be wondering how it works.. Well here's an explanation:
When making a purchase, it will send those items to your realm, however will not be automatically added to your account. Instead, you will see a message in chat prompting you to use the /confirm command. When running the command, you'll see a list of packages ready to be accepted, with the transaction ID attached. Now, you have the chance to accept this package of deny this package.

When accepting a package, you're claiming that you made this purchase, or intended to have this purchase added to your account. You're also taking full responsibility for the purchase, meaning if any charge-backs are made, it's completely your fault.

If you did not make the purchase, you can then choose to deny the package, meaning you will not receive the items, however will not be punished or falsely banned if any charge-backs are made. I hope this clears up the new system, and please be sure to let us know if you have any questions!

More PlayerVaults
We have heard you loud and clear, and we're here with a compromise! For everyone that has constantly been asking for more storage space and more Player-Vault pages, we hope to make you happy with this update. As of right now, we have added two more pages to our Player-Vault system. With this change, Legend and God rank players will receive an extra page each, coming to 9 Vaults in total. We hope this gives users that little bit of extra space they have been needing, and over-all makes your experience better in-game.

Multiple Spawner Linking
Another huge request from the community since our latest reset is the ability to link multiple spawners at once. Going back and forward can be a huge pain when trying to set up your spawners or reconfigure your base, which is why we've now made it so you can continually click spawners before linking them with a collection chest, allowing you to link multiple at a time. With this change, we have also gone ahead and cleaned up the GUI by making it look nicer, along with all new messages and sounds when going through the linking process. You will also see a nice new book explaining the system when you click a Hopper, to help new users understand and enjoy the system.


Lottery Limits
We have seen an increase in cases where users will win Lotteries multiple times in a row by putting as much money in as possible and ensuring they always have 90%+ of the pot. We believe this is slightly unfair, as it makes it harder for the smaller player to win and enjoy the system. To combat this issue, we have gone ahead and introduced a cap to the system. Once the lottery passes $100,000 in the pot, users will not be allowed to purchase more tickets if they already own more than 60% of the pot. Keep in mind, users can come back and purchase more tickets once they are back under the 60% mark. We hope you enjoy this change, and may the luckiest user win!

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Upcoming Anti-Cheat Changes
As some of you may already be aware, over the past week we've been making some hints here and there in the discord regarding some major changes to our anti-cheat system here on TreasureWars. For a while now, we have been working on a complete re-haul of our anti-cheat, to further prevent players ruining the game with illegal modifications. Today I'd like to officially announce this change, and make it very clear that things are moving forward in a very positive way! We are currently in the stage of testing this new system on certain realms, and monitoring exactly how it performs. Please understand that a system like this is incredibly complicated, and will certainly take time to improve, however at-least we're moving forward in a positive direction.

Our goal for now is to work hard to actually prevent certain cheats from being used, before we begin to actually punish people. We have no immediate plans to automatically ban users with this system until we're completely confident in its performance. For the next few weeks, this system will be running relatively silently on the realms, as the anti-cheat itself will actually be learning from the players, and will progressively get much better over time on its own.

We hope you're as excited as us about this change. This has been the absolute most requested area of the Network since we got here, and we're glad to finally have things moving. Please, if you notice any issues with this new system or have any reports, simply reach out to a Staff member, or make a bug report here on the forums. Have a great weekend, and we'll see you on the realms!