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Greetings Adventurers! I hope everyone had an incredible new years and an awesome Christmas - it has certainly been busy for us! This weekend we have a quick update for you all, including some nice features and changes. We apologize for the lack of "large" content, with the new year and a lot of our team on holidays, it's been very hard to find time to dedicate to larger projects - but don't worry, we're back at the grind now! Be sure to check back on the forums over the next day, as we have some more things to share!

Class Animations
Firstly, we have a small addition to the Class Crate system, something nice to top it off and generally improve the user experience when opening up crates. Now, when opening a Class crate you'll be presented with an awesome GUI, where you'll be able to select a random reward out of 9 slots. Your final reward is then revealed to you after an animation, displaying all the other choices that you didn't click - be sure to try it out and test your luck!

Improved Redstone + Anti-Glitch Patch
We have been working hard over the last week to further improve the efficiency of our redstone mechanics on Treasure Wars, along with some additional patches to help prevent base glitching such as V-Clipping. You shouldn't notice any drastic changes in the redstone, however they are there, and will now run a lot smoother to make the realms run better in general. As for our Anti-Glitching patches, some will go unnoticed, however will definitely help prevent hackers, as well as some more obvious changes, like not allowing users to survive under bedrock. We will be constantly improving these changes to block more exploits, and we hope you enjoy!

Signed Player Notes
Since the removal of Money Notes, players have been suggesting an alternative, so users can gift noted items, similar to the previous $1 money note. We're happy to release new Signed Notes, allowing users to type /sign (message), at the cost of $1000. Now hurry up and start gifting notes to people!


Smaller Changes + Additions
As mentioned above, this week we weren't able to do anything huge, however we do have some smaller changes and tweaks that are worth mentioning, and we're sure you'll enjoy.

Shop NPC's:
We've swapped out the crappy armor stands at shop for new, sleek NPC's that even look at you - spooky right?

Duel Changes:
- An updated class gear selection menu, to match the /class GUI.
- Class gear always rolls at the same Enchantment levels for each player now, rather than it being random.
- Using a Class gear set in Duels no longer affects your /class cooldown.
- Gear in duels now auto-equips and auto-procs when entering the arena.

Lottery Changes:
We have fixed multiple issues with the Lottery hologram not working, along with the addition of the /lottery buy command, allowing you to buy tickets from anywhere on the realm!

Disabled Shop Salvaging:

Finally, the gold blocks in shop no longer salvage your items with MCMMO - praise the lord!

Removed Faction Teleport Radius:
Another huge suggestion from the community, to remove the annoying Faction Teleport Radius, everyone wave goodbye!

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Forum Registration Change
Greetings Adventurers! I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas, and a safe holiday! Today I'm coming with a very short update, informing you of some changes happening to our Network as of right now. Firstly, we have a short change with Forum registrations. Since we now have our forum linking service available with /link, we have gone ahead and blocked all forum registrations from the website. As of today, users will be required to create an account with the use of the /register command in-game. This serves two main purposes, first being that it will force all users to have a linked Minecraft account, making it easier for everyone to know who is who, and secondly being the prevention of spam bots. This new system will completely remove the ongoing spam issue on our forums, once and for all.

Twitter Updates
For those who use Twitter and have followed us, I have some exciting things coming! As a team, we want to make more of an effort to utilize Twitter as a platform, to get as much information as possible to the whole community! From now on, you'll be seeing much more frequent tweets from us, including more giveaways, and even a continuous change log, where we will be tweeting out any additions, fixes or changes as soon as they happen. This will help keep everyone in the loop, and will bring some life into our account, making it more useful than ever! If you aren't following us already, be sure to check it out here:

Treasure Jail (Ban Server)

With the above change, we have needed to make some slight adjustments to the way banned users are handled. Since registrations are done via the server, users will need to have access to the network in order to register and create an account. Because of this, all banned users will now be forwarded to a Treasure Jail when entering the server, where they do not have access to do anything other than register an account. Trust me, you don't want to end up in this cold, dark place!