by Eraze at 2:52 AM
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Greetings Adventurers! Back again with another spicy update which marks the end of our 4 Stage Warzone process, along with some exciting changes to the Treasure Diary system - put on your reading glasses and get started, we hope you enjoy!

Monthly Treasure Diaries
I'm here to introduce a rather large change to Treasure Diaries, that involved an almost complete re-write of the plugin itself, which will drastically change the whole system, and allow us to enjoy this amazing concept that has clearly been lacking attention in the past. From now on, Treasure Diaries will work on a monthly system, allowing users to purchase a new Diary each month, with all new rewards...
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Farewell Adventurers!

Today I will be resigning from my position as Admin on Treasure Wars. Until recently there was no development team or management for Treasure Wars. It was mostly just in-game events that were being held in order to make the server more enjoyable for you guys. Over the past couple months I have become rather inactive. My job more or less was to help keep the server up and running until new management was able to step in and it seems we have now reached that time. I feel Eraze and the rest of the current admin team have done some good work over the past few weeks and I believe they will be able to take it from here. They have added many changes which would never have been possible over the past few months and I look forward to seeing what they add in the future.

I would like to thank all the adventurers of Treasure Wars who have stayed with us all...
by Eraze at 1:06 AM
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Greetings Adventurers! We're basically half way through Summer at this point, and it's been amazing so far, right? This week marks the third installment of our new Warzones, along with a whole lot of other changes to the core mechanics of the server - we're sure you'll love it! Take a read and enjoy.

Forgotten Warzone Update (Stage 3)
Welcome back to the third week of our huge Warzone Update, and this week Forgotten Woods is the lucky receiver! Enjoy the incredible castles and vast mountains as you navigate your way through these majestic woods, there's plenty to see, and a whole lot more coming soon! For anyone who isn't aware of exactly what comes with these new Warzones, be sure to check the stage one post from two weeks...