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Greetings Adventurers! It's been a bit now since our realms have reset, and we're super excited to see how well everything is going. This week we've been putting our efforts towards ensuring the servers are in top notch order for this coming summer, and that means loads of cool stuff - take a read and enjoy!

Updating To 1.8
We have quickly come to the realization that Treasure Wars is very out of date in many elements, and in order for us to achieve amazing things, we need to change that! So, we've been collecting data over the past weeks, and we've come to see that only (4%) of this community still uses 1.7, whilst the...
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Greetings Adventurers! Our second weekend of resets is finally complete, which means EVERY realm on Treasure Wars is now ready for a fresh start! Jump online now to join Forgotten and Reforged as they start a brand new story, with the communities from Frozen and Molten! Thank you to everyone who participated in the mayhem period over the past few days, we had a blast! Now it's time for us to focus on what's next, and start bringing some incredible ideas to life!

If you missed any information regarding these merges and resets, please read this thread, and reach out to our amazing Staff team if you have any questions! [THREAD LINK]

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Greetings Adventurers! Round two already? You heard it right! Once again the team has been working incredibly hard to make this possible, and we're very excited to be resetting yet another two realms this weekend, along with two more merges as well! The coming weeks are looking incredibly exciting for Treasure Wars, as we focus on finishing our network cleaning, and begin to work on brand new content for everyone to soon enjoy. For now, let the mayhem begin!

Forgotten/Reforged Resets + Frozen/Molten Merges
This weekend, we're excited to announce that the Forgotten Woods and the Reforged Mountains will both be...