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Hey Adventurers!

It's been an amazing week. With our fiery class last weekend, and our update to the war chests we had been very busy. We weren't done there though! This week we've got another round of updates which I am excited to provide to you all!

* New Class - "Berserker"
* 7 New Enchantments
* Revamped Hub Shovel
* 30% Sale

Berserker Class

Death awaits all who stand before you!
Strong and relentless.
The bearer wielding the axe of Perun will become a relentless Berserker. Crushing all enemies before them, the Berserker carries the power of the god Perun, thus creating themself a near-god and a deadly warrior. Any challenger to this being will result in utter pain and their own demise. The Berserker is not to be meddled with, but only a select few are strong enough to receive Perun's powers.

The Axe of Perun
Known to be wielded by the Slavic...
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Hey Adventurers!

After the amazing update from yesterday, @Vaquxine has been working hard to bring a few updates to the War Chests.

Our two newest classes, the Beastmaster and Pyromancer have been added to the War Chest loot tables, so you can now get those in the chests!

Along with the classes, the new Charged Creeper spawn eggs has also been added to the War Chests.

To celebrate these War Chest updates we will be doing an extra 20% OFF Server Store sale (on top of the current 30% OFF) for any of the War Chest Keys! Head on over to our Store to grab yourself some keys!

For future information keep an eye out on these forums, and for sneak peeks, check out our Twitter!

~ Phantom