by Vaquxine at 9:20 AM
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Hey Folks,

Haunted Swamplands has undergone a 5 hour rollback (7am CST -> 2am CST) due to an admin's account being compromised in a new wave of database leaks unrelated to Treasure Wars.

We apologize for this inconvenience, and thank you for your patience.
by logon1027 at 4:16 PM
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Greeting Adventurers!

Mob Stacking has just been released on all realms! This new update was released to satisfy all you grinders out there. As of today mobs from mob spawners will look a little different from before in the hopes of improving your factions experience.

Stacked mobs from spawners.

As you can see from the above image, mobs from mob spawners will now appear as a single entity with a number above their head. This number represents how many mobs are in that mob stack. If you kill one the number will decrease, but if more spawn then the number will increase and add to the mob stack. This will effect all spawners that are in the game.

Pros of mob stacking:
  • There will be less stress on the server because there will be less entities loaded
  • There will be an increase in the amount of mobs spawned because there is less strain on the...