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Hey Adventurers!

After the successful release of the Reforged Mountain realm last weekend, we have been busy to bring a new round of updates to the servers. Not one, not even two, but three different updates!

* New Class - "Assassin"
* New Champion - "Brotherhood Phantom"
* 3 New Enchantments
* 20% Sale

Assassin Class

Strike from the Shadows Undetected!
Cold and Calculative.
The temperature plummets as you near your target, seemingly stealing the breath from their chest. They can sense your presence and cower as you approach; calm, cool, aloof. With one effortless swing their fear ends on the cold ground. Only those most confident may wear the name Assassin.

Scythe of the Brotherhood
A fabled blade with a dark history rumored to be blessed by death himself.
Fire Aspect
Kill Confirm

Assassin Hood and...
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Hey Adventurers!

Wow what a crazy week it's been! We've been open only a week and already we are introducing a brand new realm; Reforged Mountain! With a warzone perfectly balanced for every player, steep mountainous ranges for the archers, wide open spaces for you strafers, intricate and unique, this realm has it all!

This historic mountainous area, formerly the home of the Dwarves was brought into a chaos many years ago, leading in a long and hard war between the three races; Dwarves, Elves and Humans. Even with the suitable landscapes that each of the races could live in, the threat of attack from outsiders runs high, so to reach their safety each race seeks to obliterate the other and finally take control of the mountains to establish their home!

In celebration of the Reforged Mountains release, we have ramped up our Server Store sale to 30% OFF!