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Hey Adventurers!

Last week was the launch of our newest realm; Pirate and along with the beginning of Lachlan and Vikkstar's brand new series we have had a great week on that realm. This week we are sticking with the theme of pirates and releasing a brand new class!

* New Class - "Pirate"
* 6 New Enchantments
* Promo Phone Wallpaper
* 35% OFF SALE

Pirate Class
Fighting fair never got anyone anywhere.
Cunning and a scallywag. Sailing the seven seas, the pirates are secret within their actions, and seek to steal from everyone around them. With the ability to become the captain, helping their fellow pirates, or plundering loot from monsters, the pirates are fierce when it comes to gathering loot all around.

Scimitar of the Pirate Lords...
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Hey Adventurers!

We have had an amazing few months so far, with the addition of the Reforged Mountains realm, limited edition classes and down to our Rift's system. This all occurred within the first season of Treasure Wars, and since that has now ended, we're here to start the next one with a bang!

That's right! Season Two is about to kick off, and this time @Lachlan is being joined by @Vikkstar123 in his factions series!

To start off this new season, we're releasing a brand new Realm which both Lachlan and Vikkstar123 will be playing on!

The Pirate Islands

These legendary tropical islands, known for hosting the pirate activities has become invaded by an increasing amount of pirates, who have been promised secret booty. Here for adventures, seeking out lost treasures and maybe...