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Hey Adventurers!

It's time again for a brand new update, which I am certain a lot of people will like. With thanks to our amazing developer @Vaquxine we have implemented a brand new command to teleport you from safezones.

/wilderness - This command will teleport you from a safezone to a random unclaimed area in the wilderness!

For this command we have setup a 5 minute cooldown on its use, but for our top two ranks, the cooldown is reduced to 1 minute!

Were you having trouble with finding a location for your base? Or maybe you want to keep away from the war zone for a while? This will be a good command for you!

For more updates keep an eye on these forums, and our very own Twitter!

~ Phantom
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Hey Adventurers!

After the successful release of the Reforged Mountain realm last weekend, we have been busy to bring a new round of updates to the servers. Not one, not even two, but three different updates!

* New Class - "Assassin"
* New Champion - "Brotherhood Phantom"
* 3 New Enchantments
* 20% Sale

Assassin Class

Strike from the Shadows Undetected!
Cold and Calculative.
The temperature plummets as you near your target, seemingly stealing the breath from their chest. They can sense your presence and cower as you approach; calm, cool, aloof. With one effortless swing their fear ends on the cold ground. Only those most confident may wear the name Assassin.

Scythe of the Brotherhood
A fabled blade with a dark history rumored to be blessed by death himself.
Fire Aspect
Kill Confirm

Assassin Hood and...