by Bladehell at 7:17 PM
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Greetings Adventurers!

The launch of Treasure Wars has been a huge success! To think we capped the server on its first day is absolutely spectacular! The support that the community has shown is amazing! As is to be expected with a brand new launch we have encountered very few minor bumps in the road, so I wanted to give you guys an update and recap on what we've been doing on our side to make sure that Treasure Wars continues to be the best of the best:
  • Tweaks to hardware to ensure a smooth and lag free gaming experience
  • The Strength buff from the Necromancer has been corrected to only apply to the winning race
  • Lesser Demons (Necromancer's minions) no longer drop regular loot
  • You can no longer trample crops in protected spawns
  • Forums have been streamlined (sorry about the connectivity issue earlier)
  • Combat tagging for God Donators will now clip their wings
    • Hit or be hit...
by Vaquxine at 2:40 PM
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Hey Adventurers!

After overwhelming demand for us to implement a way to change your character race, we're releasing Soul Gems! These little orbs can be obtained from for $4 and as a rare drop from Wandering Champions and the Evil Necromancer!

They are a single use, and will allow you to re-select your race. You will lose your previous race's passive, and will receive all the racial benefits of the new race you select as if you chose it from the start.

You can use as many Soul Gems as you want, assuming you can get your hands on them!