August Diary, Necromancer Update, War Coins and Much More!

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    Greetings Adventurers! We've reached our first week of bi-weekly updates, and we're super excited to finally share what we've been working on for the past two weeks! Sit back, take a read of this giant post, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments. See you online!

    August Treasure Diary
    To start off, we're back with our second monthly Diary for the month of August, which is full of some amazing rewards and fun quests! Please remember that these only last for the month, and will instantly become unavailable to purchase as we enter the 1st of the month, however can still be completed after the month has ended if the user has not finished the Diary. Be sure to check it our here on the STORE and don't miss out, as some of these limited edition rewards will never be seen again. Here's a look at what's on the table this month:


    Note: The random Pet in this month Diary has the ability to give incredible rare pets that are currently unavailable on the store, such as the valentine pet, dragon pet, thanksgiving pet and more!

    Necromancer Update
    This update we have worked very hard to give the Necromancer the update that it most certainly deserved! Over time the value of the Necro has decreased, making it less of an event, and certainly not something worth waiting around for. That's about to change with the incredible new and exciting features that are live now! Here's a list of the most important changes:

    • Set Times: The Necromancer will now only spawn 4 times per day, at set times! This means that the Necro will spawn at the same times every day, meaning you can make sure you're always available!
    • Wither to Giant: We've said goodbye to the normal, flying wither, and welcomed in the brand new Necro! You'll now see a huge, scary giant zombie, and trust me he packs a punch!
    • New Rewards: Since the Necromancer now spawns less often, we've completely re imagined the Loot that the boss gives, making it 100% worth attending. The user who deals the most damage will now receive rare treasures that aren't found anywhere else!
    • Scoreboard Additions: You'll now see some additions to the Scoreboard whenever you're in the Warzone world. At a glance you'll now have information regarding the Necro spawning times and health, along with a number of how many users are currently fighting in the Warzone!
    • Red Sky: When the Necromancer spawns, the sky will now be red, increasing the intensity and vibe of the fight.
    • New Race Buffs: The strength race buff has been removed, and replaced with a 1 hour sell multiplier for the winning race! This buff is due to change and be tweaked in the coming weeks, with potentially more buffs to come!
    • Mini Bosses: Multiple mini-bosses have been added, such as Healing Minions, Skeleton Riders and Hell Hounds! Healing Minions will heal the Necromancer as long as it is alive, so you best knock them out early on!
    • Arrow Deflection: The Necromancer now has a chance of deflecting arrows that are shot at it, forcing users to get involved and get close if they want to win!

    War Coins (Rift Tokens Replacement)
    Hitting the decks this week is a brand new system that is about to change everything! With the new Warzones and all the new content coming with them, we wanted to completely re-visit the current Rift Token system and give it an all new purpose. We were thinking to ourselves, why should we only reward users when closing rifts, when that's only a TINY part of the Warzones? And for that, we now have War Coins and the War Merchant! War coins can be earned by doing many things inside the Warzone such as killing mobs, killing players, being active in the Warzone and so much more. You can spend these new War Coins at the upgraded Rift Merchant in the shop, where you'll be able to buy awesome loot like Rune Pouches and much more. Here's some more points covering this system, and we hope you love it!

    • War Coins are a replacement for Rift Tokens and the Rift Merchant.
    • All existing Rift Tokens can be used at the new Merchant.
    • When receiving coins in the Warzone, they will be given in the form of a "War Coin Purse", that can hold an unlimited value of War Coins.
    • Coin Purses can be split by using the /splitpurse (amount) command.
    • You can combine Coin Purses by dragging them on top of eachother, which will merge the amounts of both purses into one.
    • When gaining Coins, they will automatically be put in the highest value purse you have in your inventory.
    Warzone Admin Box Event (Completed)
    Since the closure of the Season 2 Warzones, we've been thinking of ways we can say an official goodbye in style, and that way has been decided! Next Saturday (12th of August) we will be hosting a huge Warzone event, where all of the old Warzones will be unclaimed and available for you to do anything you like! Along with this, we will be putting an awesome Admin Box in the center of each Warzone, full of incredible treasures. A post with the specifics of this event will come as we get closer to the end of the week, so be sure to keep checking in on the forums and make yourself available for this crazy event, you won't want to miss it!

    More Clue Scroll Balancing

    Since our large clue scrolls update, we've had plenty of feedback from the community, and have been listening to it as much as possible! This week we're back with some more minor changes and adjustments based on your requests. Here's a list of the changes we've made:

    • Once again we have re-visited the reward table for scrolls, to ensure that you're getting good loot each time you do a good scroll.
    • Since the loot tables have been drastically improved, users will now receive 3 rewards for common and special scrolls, and 2 much better rewards for Legendary and Heroics.
    • We've added a cool-down for completing clue scrolls. Now users can only complete one of each clue every two days, making them more valuable with the new rewards.
    • You can now use only one scroll at a time, and it must be in your hot-bar. If you have two scrolls in your hot-bar at once, it will automatically use the first one in order.
    • We've gone ahead and balanced the more annoying clues that the community wasn't fond of, along with removing some.

    Weekly Development Log
    A list of other patches, smaller updates and bug fixes so everyone is up to date!

    • Rifts will now only spawn in the main Warzone world.
    • Rune Pouches are now sorted based on the rarity of runes, meaning you now have a higher chance of getting better and stronger runes based on higher tier pouches.
    • The Magma Lord now shows the users that dealt the most damage when it is killed.
    • Addition of a smarter spam bot to help prevent attacks and general spamming.
    • Fixed multiple issues where a user would not receive their purchased item from the store.

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