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    The Purge

    So, i had an idea and i realize that this is similar to what CosmicPvP do but i think it would be a good idea. We could call it the Purge and its just an event, that for the last couple of days of the Beta, encourages PVP. You could get a decent kit with lots of decent enchants each day and on the final day you get a full godset.

    Obviously there would be no point in saving this for later and this can get some extra fun for the last little bit of the beta. Perhaps even to take it further the top killers over the event could get certain rewards going into the next season of Treasure Wars onto whatever realm it ends up taking place on.

    I think it could be a 3 day event and each day the gear gets better and better.

    Day 1 could start as quite bad gear in the eyes of most players. Just some low level enchants. Then Day 2, the same enchants but half the max tier, and then for Day 3 as said earlier, it could be a near perfect godset with maxed out enchants.

    In terms of potential rewards for the following season, i think that for the no.1 slayer, we could give something along the lines of:

    3 Random Class Gems
    God Rank
    300 MCMMO
    3x Legendary Pet Eggs
    100k In-Game Money
    3 Slot Crystals (which i believe shouldn't be as common as they are in the beta)
    5 Protection Runes
    10% Resurrection Skull
    10x Mythic Rune Pouches

    This might seem a little bit OP, but i think it is the right way to go because it's going to seriously encourage PVP at the end of the beta. I also think that there should be rewards for at least 2nd and 3rd place but not as OP as 1st place.

    Please let me know what you think and also, let me know if i need to add any more information.
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    personally i think something everyone would enjoy is that hacking was not bannable for like 2 days
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    I like the idea of an end of Beta event it would be fun

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