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Have a pvp/raid event?

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    Events are always good to bring excitement to the players and a reason for people to log on. This event would be a combination of two old events. The top 8 factions on ftop for beta will pick 5 faction members to participate. Each faction will face another faction until only one faction remains. This will take place on dev realm, only the participants will be whitelisted( and staff of course). Each faction member can pick a class, the classes will be.....

    Brute: kit 40 godset

    Archer: decent 40lore Demi set and 10 lore Demi axe with a 10 lore max bow.

    Warrior: 6 lore max set with 10 lore max sword and axe, with a 10 lore Demi bow.

    (Each kit comes with /fly /fix iron golem pet access to /kit god and $2million to spend on raidshop)

    To win this event you will face another faction and there will be a base with 10 water/lava walls, and 3 regens. You can either raid the base first to win or kill all 5 of the other faction. (After you die you're eliminated for that round) after your faction loses to another faction you are eliminated. There will be 7 matches to decide who wins.

    Winner of 1vs8 vs winner of 3vs6
    Winner of 2vs7 vs winner of 4vs5


    The winning faction would receive 10x chunk buster, 10x mythic war key, 5x blaze spanwer, and 20x of each gen bucket for the new season on pirate, And a trophy.

    Let me know what you think this is basically 2 old events put together.
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