1. You must have a minimum of 25 posts on the forums in order to submit a staff application.

Helper Application Format and Information

Discussion in 'Apply for Staff' started by Julian, Jun 25, 2017.

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    Treasure Wars Helper Application and Requirements
    Interested in helping out the community? Staff Members help enforce the rules and make sure that all players are having a safe and fun time on the server. The staff team consists of hard working players who are dedicated to the community and are willing to help make sure we are offering a safe, and fun, environment for players.

    The staff team has access to unreleased features, including helping us test new gamemodes and updates. Submitting an application will begin your first step in our multi-step process of selecting new recruits. Feel free to submit an application if you are dedicated, positive and are ready to work with an amazing team.

    We have a few requirements which all applicants must meet in order to qualify for becoming a staff member. These help us ensure that those who are dedicated and are willing to help out the community can apply for staff.

    • You must not have an infraction from the past 2 weeks.
    • You must have a minimum of 25 posts on the forums.
    • You must have a working microphone and access to our discord.
    • You must have a good understanding of our network rules and regulations, and the punishments for them.
    • The recommended age is 14 and above, though you can still submit an application if you believe you are mature enough.
    Can I apply if I don't meet these requirements?
    We have certain expectations all applicants must meet in order to apply. If you do not meet all of the matched requirements above, you will not be able to submit an application.

    Can I apply for Senior Mod?
    No you cannot. The only position we have available to apply for is Helper. All staff members work their way up by exceeding expectations, and only a select few are invited to be promoted to the higher ranks.

    Can I apply for Administrator?
    Similar to the Senior Mod question asked above, nobody can apply to become an Administrator of the Network. It's very rare for someone to be promoted to Administrator from Senior Moderator and only the most experienced are chosen for Administrator.

    When will my application be looked at?
    Due to the high amount of applications we received, you may not receive a reply for a few days. You will receive a message within 2 weeks of submitting your application, containing further information regarding your application. If your application has not been responded to, please reply to it and tag @CruderTax

    Application Format

    Introductory Questions

    Minecraft Username:

    Insert your minecraft username here. We recommend a namemc link.

    Previous Usernames:

    Insert your previous minecraft username(s) here. We recommend a namemc link.

    Enter your age here.


    What timezone do you live in?

    Discord Tag:

    Please leave your Discordtag#0000 here.

    Are you on our Discord Server and do you have a working microphone?

    It is a requirement to be in our discord server and to have a working microphone.

    Are you able to record and upload videos for evidence?

    You will need to be able to record and provide evidence against rule breakers.

    How many Hours do you play on the server?

    Please include a full schedule.

    How long have you been playing on Treasure Wars?
    When did you start playing? Yes, we can check, I wouldn't recommend lying.

    Have you been punished on the server before? If so, why?

    Please include a BRIEF history of your punishments. Please do not write 1000 words for this answer or anywhere near that, we just need to know when you got banned and what you got banned for.

    Extended Questions

    What hobbies do you have outside of Treasure Wars?

    Please describe any extra curricular activities that you think would be useful.

    If you could change something about the server, what would it be and why?

    What changes would you make?

    Do you have any previous experience as a staff member?

    Please describe any previous, relevant experience.

    Why would you be a good Staff Member?

    Please describe the qualities you have that you think would be useful to a staff member.

    If you have any further questions regarding Staff Applications or concerns of a specific staff member, please send @CruderTax a private message on the forums.
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