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    Treasure Wars Purchase Help Format and Information

    Having help with a purchase on the store? Never received your items properly? You've come to the right place! Players can submit a purchase help thread if they require assistance regarding purchases made on our webstore.

    When submitting a purchase help, it is important to keep in mind of a few things. First off, you should never seek to chargeback on your purchase before contacting us. Charging back on purchases is against our rules and will result in an automatic ban from the server. Secondly, all purchases are final, so we will not be offering rank transfers or restoring items if you died with them.

    Purchase Help Format
    Q: What is your Username?
    What is your Minecraft Username.

    Q: Package Purchased?
    What package did you purchase from our store.

    Q: Realm?
    Which realm did you purchase your package on.

    Q: Date of Purchase?
    When did you purchase your package.

    Q: What is your Transaction ID?

    Please list the Transaction ID you received in an automatic email from noreply@buycraft.net.

    Q: Additional Information?
    If you have any additional information regarding your purchase, feel free to let us know.

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