Should i Apply for helper? xD

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by TheSainz, Sep 12, 2017.


Apply or Not

  1. dont apply nerd

  2. sure apply

  3. apply if ur gonna help us

  1. catfisher4life

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    Jul 7, 2015
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    Here are my thoughts on this:

    If you have to ask the community whether you should apply for a staff position or not, you probably want to see if the community likes you, or another outcome is that you want attention (I'm not accusing you of this, just saying that's a common motive behind people making posts like these). Let's talk about the first reason.

    Staffing isn't an easy job, you get a lot of hate, look at what the current staff have done, and how much it's blown out of proportion, and then people complain about the understaffing, after they pressure current/old staff to resign or get demoted because they made a decision that they don't agree with, and can't cope with anything they don't like (I know it's a game, but harassing staff daily isn't apart of the game). For this reason, it seems very ironic how pre-applying (and assuming you get accepted) you care so much about the community, but after you're accepted, you see all the hate you get/they get for decisions that are right, it's a mob mentality that can't be touched, because they're never happy either way, hence why I said it's a mob mentality. I'm not saying staff don't care about the community, they obviously do, but whether they admit it or not, they do feel resentment for all the seemingly purposefulness hate they get.

    Because of what I said, I wouldn't listen to the community on whether to apply for staff or not, because they are inherently biased, and make decisions with that. I actually talked about this with a staff member a month or so ago, about natural bias and how the staff team aims to avoid it, sort of different situation, but I have the same answer, I suppose.

    my final advice to you is, be careful what you wish for. Sure, staffing for this server would be great, but can(will) you handle the hate you will get? And if so, how? These are all questions you should address in your staff application (take that part with a grain of salt, as I am not staff, but I feel like I'm on the right track). Don't mind the community on staff issues, for the most part anyways, because they are filled with resentment towards the staff team, and even if they say you should, I reckon that there is an 80% chance that they say this because they don't like the current staff team, and what better than a fresh face sh*t on?

    If you want my personal advice, I wouldn't apply for staff, the fact that you felt that you should ask the community whether you should apply for staff shows your blissful ignorance, which there's nothing wrong with, however I would look out to change this if you're serious about applying for staff.
  2. freddy128

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    for as much hate staff gets I would still take pride in my actions if I was staff. Of course this was not meant for me so...
  3. TheSainz

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    Feb 26, 2016
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    i am just trying to see if the community would accept me if i became staff

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