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ALL NEW Supply Drop, UPGRADED Home System and much more!

Julian 19 comments

Hello Adventurers!
This week we bring to you a brand new Supply Drop and plenty more ready for you to enjoy!


We have released yet another Supply Drop ready to be summoned across the realm. Keep in mind that some of the items may only ever be obtained in that weeks Supply Drop! Once the weekend is over, the Supply Drop, and its...

ALL NEW Purification Crystals, Description Dust, Faction Updates and more!

Julian 23 comments

Hello Adventurers!

Over the last two weeks the development team have been hard at work engineering new content and features for you to enjoy during your journey on TreasureWars! We’ve got lots of exciting updates lined up for you all in the coming weeks!


Ever had an annoying description on an item that’s tarnished the look of your god set? Well now you can remove them. Simply obtain a...

TreasureWars Status Update

Julian 47 comments

Hey Adventurers,

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been hard at work to repair and restore TreasureWars to a playable state. We understand that recently we may have been unreliable due to all the issues that the realm has been experiencing. Moving forward, we are going to attempt to redeem ourselves by firstly giving out some worthy compensation. Secondly, we will be holding our weekly Friday key-alls. In addition to this, we will be detailing the development plans for the coming months later...