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TreasureWars Status Update

Julian 48 comments

Hey Adventurers,

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been hard at work to repair and restore TreasureWars to a playable state. We understand that recently we may have been unreliable due to all the issues that the realm has been experiencing. Moving forward, we are going to attempt to redeem ourselves by firstly giving out some worthy compensation. Secondly, we will be holding our weekly Friday key-alls. In addition to this, we will be detailing the development plans for the coming months later in this announcement.

After experiencing recent issues on the server with various items being cleared, we have created a compensation crate full of all the necessary items you’d need to continue to enjoy your experience on the Pirate Islands.

We will be...

Pirate Islands Maintenance

Envyful 23 comments

Dear Adventurers,

I am deeply saddened that I have to write this. Trust me, I am nothing but apologetic for the lack of care as of recent. As the Lead of the Development Team and a member of the Management team, I have let you all down. I assure you that I will not allow this to happen again moving forward.

To explain, the server has been under maintenance for the past 48 hours due to continuous lag and bugs. This lag was caused my a multitude of different aspects of the server that many have hypothesized to be the sole cause. After...

NEW Pirate Islands UPDATES

Julian 23 comments

Pet Clothing, PVP Changes, and Voting

Ahoy Pirates!

Thank you for your patience last week during the Pirate Islands release. Whilst it didn’t go as smoothly as we had hoped the turn out was amazing, and we’re grateful for all the support. We have worked through all of the issues that presented themselves at the time and hopefully have made the overall experience a more enjoyable one...

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