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Pirate Islands: Upcoming Reset Information!

xDestructive 23 comments

Greetings Adventurers!
The real world has been a difficult time, but we hope that the Pirate Islands reset is something you can all look forward to.

Pirate Islands Reset
On Saturday June 13th @ 4 pm EDT/9 pm BST, the Pirate Islands will be resetting, so get ready for some Mayhem that begins 5 days prior to reset! It is sure to be a blast!
5 days before reset Mayhem will ensue! What's mayhem is what some of you might be wondering. Mayhem will be a mix of chaos, free loot, free gear, and some other...

Warzone Bosses, Treasure Diaries, TreasurePass, and the June Treasure Chest

CruderTax 15 comments

Greetings Adventurers!

As promised in our teaser, here is the full announcement of what to expect today. We also have a lot of extra features that we didn’t tease yesterday that we will be releasing in today's update!


He’s been away for a while but now he’s back and better than ever. We’ve made some massive changes to make sure he’s no easy fight. So, what have we changed?:
  • Spawns every 6 hours.
  • Spawns with a minimum health of 25,000 and can reach a maximum health of 30,000.
  • Bows will not work on the...

Monthly Chests, Duels and Voting Hits the Pirate Islands!

xDestructive 8 comments

Greetings Adventurers!

It's been two weeks since our last announcement post and we are excited to bring you all a whole bunch of new features for you to enjoy here on TreasureWars.


A throwback to the past with duels returning to TreasureWars! Duel other players to get to the top of the leaderboard and compete to see who is the best...

TreasureWars Uprising Pirate Islands Patch Notes

xDestructive 11 comments

Greetings Adventurers!

The time has finally arrived for what you all have been waiting for... all the changes, updates, and fixes you can expect to see for our reset at 4 PM EDT/7 PM BST!

PvP Changelog
We heard a lot of your concerns over the current state of PvP and we have gone ahead and spent the last few weeks with our Beta Testers re-balancing all of our enchants and making sure they work as intended. The re-balancing consisted of removing some enchants, re-purposing others and changing the numbers on almost all enchants. Instead of listing everything that has changed because that would take an...

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