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    Make bows a thing again

    kidsrule boutta come back no cap
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    Applesauce PVP montage (This took me a long time to make)

    Ansoph is actually too good. Newclient would post a montage, but you already know editing would be ****, and autoclicker would be too obvious. #FAPPLEREALM!!!
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    Question about ban appeals

    I played forgotten in 2017, but there's also a possibility you are mixing me up with VanquishedSouls AKA Nick Gray.
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    Treasure Wars Newsletter - 'On Target'

    finished word search 10 minutes ago so thats a rip :(
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    Question about ban appeals

    Generally the Treasure Wars ban team if fairly good about getting back quickly. That being said, there's a global unban tomorrow for the release of Reforged Mountains!
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    Revamping Ranks to Suite new Server add-ons!

    @tobguin05 This isn't p2w though. Due to the newfound rarity of rank gems, and how easy they are to get. I think there should in fact be more inventive to redeem a higher rank. This not only makes higher ranks more valuable, but it allows people to get more bang for their buck, if they do plan...
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    Another Montage?

    don't necro post @Cal2030
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    Is AppleSauce better than Grizards.

    Hello, I would like to propose the discussion of who is the superior faction. AppleSauce, or Grizards. Some pros for AppleSauce is Newclient is not in the faction. Some cons for AppleSauce is NewClient is not in the faction. Some pros for Grizards is ArielRules97 the greatest Treasure Wars...
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    Bring Forgotten map 1 back.

    Did you see it @Cal2030
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    Bring Forgotten map 1 back.

    Yah well it seems like they doing reforged so that's hype
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    Lol. I used to have like 8 or 9 classes but now I only have 2. But whatever classes aren’t even that good
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    Bring Forgotten map 1 back.

    Nah map 1 forgotten was perfect.