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    Remove CFs

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    Remove CFs

    remove pig pets, thats haram same with porkchops
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    Muting System

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    Muting System

    and manrolope
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    Quaj will always be remembered

    Quaj will always be remembered
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    New enchant

    got one shot in my galaxy while doing a friendly 1v1 so better nerf that retardet enchant
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    i dont snitch bigman:)
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    we have 1 kid in this post that afk grinds and he is still not banned xD, the anticheat is **** and only falsebans u
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    -1 on being able to buy heroic rune pouches cuz people will just start using alts and afk grinding +1 on being able to buy a heroic mystery clue scrool tho
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    A longer god kills montage this time - New Grizards Montage!

    frqa u need sum attention bigman? why u commenting on everything -.-
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    Quaj ?

    Quaj ?
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    wheres the payout

    u wont be able to moveo ut of the hood chief cuz even if they payout its going to be buycraft vouchers
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    stacked items

    #bringbackwarcoinspurse #bringbackrifttokens #removegenbucketsfromheroics or change the rewards from getting 3 gen buckets to like half a stack or a full stack, cuz honestly getting 3 obby gen buckets from a heroic clue is a retardet loot, same goes with stat tome and reinforced orb