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    bwekky 4 Triskele

    Title says all
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    Happy Bday! :kappa:

    Happy Bday! :kappa:
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    Make bows a thing again

    Good, server could use the donations
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    stacked items

    -1, better without it
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    sell tokens

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    Unbanning my main
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    Collection Chest glitch

    Make a ticket on Discord, no one checks forums anymore
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    would like to talk to who owns the server now

    They're not going to sell, I've tried a couple times and both blackwave and lachlan won't sell
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    Obi has to get on and update the ranks then since Abstraact is doing applications I'm assuming he's managing the forums
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    Make washups what they used to be.

    Washup isn't the only way to get runes. In my opinion the economy should be harder