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    Only for the OGs

    Jan 2017?!?!? Very disappointing...
  2. ItzDonut

    A Few Ideas

    I like of these ideas, however I'm not sure about the idea of just clicking a washup chest. This is because people tend to leave items in the washup chests that they might not seem worthy of keeping. This would annoy a lot of players if all of the items instantly went into the inventory. Other...
  3. ItzDonut

    ItzDonut's QA Application

    User name: ItzDonut Minecraft Username ItzDonut Previous Usernames Age 16 Timezone GMT/BST Faction SexyThots Discord Tag ItzDonut#2557 Are you on our Discord server and do you have a working microphone? Yes Which role are you applying for? Event How long have you been...
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    Player Report ItzDonut's Player Report on M4tt_H4wk

    Minecraft Username: M4tt_H4wk Your Username ItzDonut Date: Sep 9, 2019 Realm: Pirate Islands Reason: Blacklisted Mods Evidence and Proof Keytimes: 35 seconds I agree that the information reported is valid, unedited, and is not forged nor faked. I...
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    Using the only GK on Pirate to knife CruderTax!

    Enjoy :) Bot down - Sorry @CruderTax :D
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    The Future of TreasureWars

    Having been a staff member, through the release of the new Pirate season 1, this is the most respectful way that a member of the community has brought forward what has been wrong with a reset. I would 100% agree with all the points you have made and think the staff should take the time to read it.
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    Onward and Upwards

    I appreciate it a lot dude. Best of luck for the future fella.
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    Hope you're enjoying Beefa lad :)

    Hope you're enjoying Beefa lad :)
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    No.1 - You've been banned from discord multiple times. No.2 - You clearly don't understand the rules or how they work. No.3 - Just be quiet because you are soooooooo annoying.
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    I wish you all the best with life pal.

    I wish you all the best with life pal.
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    See you all when I'm back from Basic Training :)

    See you all when I'm back from Basic Training :)
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    Onward and Upwards

    Cheers dude
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    Onward and Upwards

    Thanks dude
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    Onward and Upwards

    Of course mate!