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    The End.

    To everyone I've met on treasure wars and have connected with in some way I just want to say thank you. I've made my decision and that's I'm leaving for a long while and too all those who have known me tha is for sticking round. ItzDonut Without you I would've quit a long time ago, dont know...
  2. Reviving_

    You too bro ❤

    You too bro ❤
  3. Reviving_

    Empowered Cracked Rune

    +1 This is a great idea, suggestion 2 would be great especially!
  4. Reviving_

    Does anyone know why duels are disabled?

    They will be enabled soon, Thanks for your patience.
  5. Reviving_

    I had assassin in s1 but only started playing again now and cant get in /claim

    There was comp in a previous season, i am sorry you may have missed it, You can make a purchase thread to try and resolve the issue, Thanks!
  6. Reviving_

    Set Guide: 40 Lore

    +1 Great guide.
  7. Reviving_

    exp orbs

    Make a bug report please, if you have any evidence of this include it also. Thanks!
  8. Reviving_

    Banning Hackers

    They have introduced the freeze command so if a player is caught cheating in combat the staff member will freeze the player to ban them. It is classed as abusing power if they ban in combat.
  9. Reviving_

    Daily challenges

    +1 It would give people an extra thing to work towards doing everyday. Great idea!
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    Turn off Pickpocket with /withdraw disabled!

    +1 this especially matters to those running around warzone with lots of money, must be nice for some.
  11. Reviving_

    Hub PvP!

    +1 would give us something to do during server downtime I guess
  12. Reviving_

    /merchant idea and /combinexp to speed up the process

    +1 I could see this suggestion working in game and would be a good time saver
  13. Reviving_

    Drop heads from kills

    -1 for the idea, yet I agree with this comment it would take away the fun in head hunting in war zone and would make the current head dropping runes useless.