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    Hi I'm eating chicken tenders with a pvp montage

    Thanks for listening to my Ted Talk.
  2. sjantonio

    Possibly Add Categories to Scrolls?

    +1, common and special scrolls don't have a place on the server
  3. sjantonio

    Creeper King Rift

    +1 creeper king needs a buff.
  4. sjantonio


    I think the current system of keys is fine as during the real season rift summoners will not be as common as they are in the beta realm.
  5. sjantonio

    Remove Kraken

    I think a change in Kraken like a chance to take boots off not helmet, would be better.
  6. sjantonio


    Removing the ability to unarm would be helpful, as it would promote more pvp. +1
  7. sjantonio

    Fly boost

  8. sjantonio

    My Feedback And Suggestions

    +1 just for 2-6
  9. sjantonio

    New Pet Idea

    I'd see this having the same cooldown as the thanksgiving pet. +1 and -1
  10. sjantonio

    One word story Volume 2.

  11. sjantonio

    Every Treasure Wars Staff Member Ever

    Logan fo eva. :)
  12. sjantonio

    One word story Volume 2.

  13. sjantonio

    One word story Volume 2.

  14. sjantonio

    New Enchant Ideas

    Enchant tier: Mythic Name: Fire Crest Piece: Chestplate Lvl:1-3 Stacking Status No Affect: allies on fire are healed 1 hearth and extinguished. (Higher level increase proc chance)
  15. sjantonio

    Warzone Creation contest

    I'm thinking, Treasure Wars should have a build team for warzones, spawns, shop, warps, etc and stick to the build events they have rn. Having the event as a warp or etc would be better.