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    How To Improve The Current State of Treasure Wars.

    agreed and +1 to a singular piece of class gear in washups
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    Claiming Ranks And classes on Reforged

    If you type /transfer on pirate and there is stuff there, you will be able to redeem it on reforged using the same command.
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    that first clip tho...
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    Nerf unarming

    Unarming is not a thing on the server anyways, all mcmmo has been replaced with skills.
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    The Player Count

    A warning is the first punishment for what you are referring to.
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    Blowing up safe rooms for god kills

    y yall be bullyin my mans heatstar half the vid :confused:
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    Vodka IRL

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    Make spectral proc randomally instead of at extremely low health. How it is now allows players to get out of pvp to easily as the current spectral proc is a little bit too long in my opinion. Another way this can be changed if the spectral proc is lowered for a shorter amount of time. How...
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    Passwords for collection chests

    As many can agree, allowing other players in your faction to open up your personal collection chests and sell your stuff can be very annoying at times. I have had many people tell me about people in their own faction selling all their stuff as well as occurrences in my own.
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    Adding Lava Buckets To /shop

    -1, they should just add regular buckets as you can use the command /fillb l, w, m , etc.
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    +1, donaters should get more than others who don't donate tbh.