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  1. Valkyro

    Help with raid

    So i belly blasted a base that was located and got in from the bottom. Now here is the problem i found 10 spawners in that base that were like this.... X=spawners -= roof ~= water ~~~~~ -------------- ××××× I tried to c egg the spawners but because water caries them down the water prevents it...
  2. Valkyro

    Help with common scroll

    Thank you all for replying i didn't knew it was possible to dig in the warzone :) Thank you all !!! :)
  3. Valkyro

    Help with common scroll

    So i bought a scrolls on ah and i only needed to locate the treasure but i can't claim it!!! I went to the coords but i don't see anything and i tried everything that was possible. Help please??
  4. Valkyro

    Main classes nerf

    Hello players i am new to treasurewars and i noticed 1 problem with the frozen abyss. The problem is the folowing if you see the tab list you notice that there are way to many dwarfs in this game, if you want to pvp in the warzone its almost impossible!!! So i had the folowing idea: to nerf the...