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  1. YuNg_SiRe

    unmute me

  2. YuNg_SiRe

    unmute me

    unmute me so i can buy runes for my sets just to die in. plzplzplzplzplzplz daddy manrolope the dictator
  3. YuNg_SiRe

    And henny wonders why they dont get pvp....

    i railed you tho??? if you die to me in any circumstance you suck breh...
  4. YuNg_SiRe


    take bows outta the game along with the runes. no one wants to open a mythic pouch for some dogsht bow runes that have no effect on the game. literally useless. you have to keep people from dropping items at spawn bc all of the runes would be bow runes.
  5. YuNg_SiRe

    wheres the payout

    lol there isnt even a payout. its all a lie tbh
  6. YuNg_SiRe

    wheres the payout

    i need the payout to move out of the hood come on now.
  7. YuNg_SiRe


    /fly noobs. also love all my fanboys in tha chat <3
  8. YuNg_SiRe

    unban me its been like 6months

    wow had to change the message huh. we dont appreciate censorship breh. here take this L
  9. YuNg_SiRe

    unban me its been like 6months

    once im unbanned hourly dog alert will return. i know we all miss gizmo and thqtbitch so ill glady return hourly dog alert for yall. no thanks needed.
  10. YuNg_SiRe

    unban me you monkes

    unban me you monkes