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Treasure Wars Faction & Raiding Rules

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Treasure Wars Network Faction and Raiding Rules

Here at Treasure Wars, we have a few rules put into place to maintain a safe and fun environment for all players. These rules, listed below, are to be followed at all times when playing on the Treasure Wars Server. Any offences breaking these rules will result in a punishment.

Rules Notice

All rules listed in this thread are to be followed when playing on the Treasure Wars Network. Rules are subject to be changed and it is your responsibility to keep up to date with them. Please be advised that the punishment ladders supplied are the expected punishment. The Management Team maintains the right to punish, for any offence, at their own discretion. As we have placed the rules in tier categories it does not mean that the punishments will be combined into one, all punishments will still be independent and will not affect any other punishment ladders. All rules specific to a 'base' also apply to derps and other structures your faction may be trying to defend.

In the scenario where a faction is caught breaking one of these rules, this will be investigated by the staff team where we will attempt to find and punish the specific player who broke the rules. If we are unable to do so co-leaders and above in the faction will be punished.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the rules, please contact a staff member.

Factions Tier Rules

The following rules are limited to factions only and this punishment ladder can only be applied to these set rules.

Tier 1 Rules:

All rules in the category Faction Tier 1 rules will follow the appropriate ladder listed below:

1st Offence: Faction Warning

2nd Offence: 1 Day Temporary Ban

3rd Offence: 7 Day Temporary Ban

4th Offense: 14 Day Temporary Ban and Faction Disband

Faction Names and Descriptions

If a faction name or description breaks any of the server rules, such as containing inappropriate language or racial slurs.

Faction descriptions are to not advertise other servers or services and are not to have inappropriate/masked links, but faction discord links are permitted.

Faction Chunk Buffer Limit

Factions are allowed up to a 20 chunk buffer limit outside of their base. After this limit is reached you, your allies/truces and friends are not permitted to claim in a 50 chunk radius around your base buffer an exception to this is when you are claiming a counter cannon which must not lie between your enemy's cannon and your base. However, counter cannons that are within your 20 chunk buffer may be in line with their cannon.

The buffer is measured from the exterior wall of your base and does not include your base itself. This does not include any “member boxes” inside of your walls. If you are caught with an illegal buffer, a warning will be issued. After 24 hours if the claims are not removed a tier 2 punishment will be issued.

Spawner Protection

Protecting your spawners with lava, water or blocks of any kind is against the rules. This means you can not tightly encase your spawners in water, lava or any other blocks. Trying to find other means to encase your spawners in an attempt to undermine this rule or the spirit of this rule is not allowed.

Base Protection

If you, your faction, allies or truces are caught patching your walls while being raided using gen buckets, you will be punished accordingly. Doing this is strictly against the rules due to it providing too much of an advantage for the defending faction. However, patching walls with gen buckets, whilst you aren't getting raided, is allowed. Normal patching (hand placing blocks) whilst being raided is allowed. Patching/building defences with the below blocks is NOT allowed.

Enderchests, enchantment tables, cobwebs, torches, cactus, snow, fences, fence gates, chests/trapped chests, soul sand.

Base Limits

There is no limit on the size of base you can make. Typical buffer defences will NOT be permitted within the factions base.

  • Players are permitted to create boxes and water protect the exterior of them.
  • Players are permitted to implement reverse layers between base floors.
  • Players are permitted to implement regenerating reverse layers between base floors.
  • Players are NOT permitted to include regens within the base.
Cannon Box Limits

Cannon box defence limits are as followed: Maximum of 5 straight walls and 2 sand walls ONLY. No regens or any other defences are allowed.

Corner Claims

Only 1 corner claim per faction, this will NOT expire after 24 hours and this counts for cross worlds such as /end. You are not allowed to claim another corner on your alt faction. If you are caught having more than 1 corner, ALL of your claims will be reset.

If you are caught using fly boost or any other hacks/illegal methods in order to obtain a corner claim, your faction will no longer be allowed to have a corner claim for the season.

Tier 2 Rules:

All rules in the category Faction Tier 2 rules will follow the appropriate ladder listed below:

1st Offence: 7 Day Temporary Ban

2nd Offence: 14 Day Temporary Ban

3rd Offence:
30 Day Temporary Ban and Faction Disband


It is against the rules to break more than one wall per cannon shot, however, you can double-tap regens. A cannon may NOT have 3 or more sand comps. 3 second delay between each shot from a button/lever/pressureplate cannon.

Auto cannons ARE allowed as long as they shoot no faster than one shot every four seconds.

Left/Right shooting, reverse nuking, mid-airs, L-stackers, AC-130's and wall removers.

Phase cannons, Adjustable Horizontal Tunnel Nuke (or anything of the like), cannons that shoot outside world border and any cannons that intentionally cause lag on the server.

ANY attempts to evade these rules will be dealt with on a case by case basis by the Management Team.

Tier 3 Rules:

All rules in the category Faction Tier 3 rules will follow the appropriate ladder listed below:

1st Offence:
Faction Disband/Disqualification

TNT Detectors

TNT Detectors are strictly PROHIBITED on Treasure Wars due to the advantage it gives. TNT Detectors are usually set up via a Discord bot that will alert you and your faction that you are being raided. This happens when a piece of TNT/sand is shot at your base. Discord Bots that are used for Wall Checks ARE allowed as long as they are not TNT Detectors.

Attempting to Exploit /f top payouts

In order to qualify for a /f top reward, all of your factions spawner value must be stored in one base. If more than one faction shares a base, they will share the highest /f top position and will not count as more than one /f top position. ANY attempt to evade this rule by splitting up factions, changing names, and/or replacing players with alts, etc. will be subject to disqualification.

Reset Rules

The rules below are only applicable during the 24 hour period after a reset of a live realm, these rules can not be used after that period of time, doing so could lead to consequences.


B-claiming is claiming inside of another faction's buffer or soon-to-be buffer. This does include both corner AND border bases. This rule will only be valid for 24 hours after the reset date. Within 24 hours, it is the factions responsibility to have their base and buffer fully claimed. If it is not fully claimed, other factions WILL be allowed to b-claim. All reports of this must be reported within 24 hours and videos must have a visible date and time. If you submit a report regarding this rule please wait patiently as these can only be dealt with by the administration team, the usual process is first asking the player to unclaim the land and if that process doesn't work or is required to be skipped then an immediate unclaim of the land is enacted.

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