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  1. CruderTax

    Reset information & Pirate Closure!

    Greetings Adventurers, It’s Christmas! We’re back to gift you all a very early Christmas present, no coal this year. As you all may know, we have officially announced our Pirate reset for the 21st December at 10pm GMT. To prepare for our upcoming reset we have recently closed the current pirate...
  2. CruderTax

    Event Raid Event: NEW Admin Box & Key-ALL

    Sounds like a challenge. . . :thinking:
  3. CruderTax

    Event Raid Event: NEW Admin Box & Key-ALL

    Greetings Adventurers! Gear up Adventurers, it’s time for another amazing event! This Saturday, we will be testing your cannoning knowledge with an Admin Box Event. It will be faction vs faction in who can cannon their way to glory and a wealth of loot. Only the luckiest will find the admin...
  4. CruderTax

    NEW Haunted House Event, Build Event & Bug Fixes

    Greetings Adventurers! We are proud to present two upcoming events! We will be hosting a Haunted House Event along with a Halloween Build Event. This Event will be based in an Abandoned Haunted House with secret traps, a maze and hidden chests full of loot. On each floor, staff will be...
  5. CruderTax

    Are you asking me to change your profile picture?

    Are you asking me to change your profile picture?
  6. CruderTax

    NEW Maze Event, AMAZING rewards & Key-ALL

    Greetings Adventurers! We are proud to present this weeks maze event. This weekend it is every man for himself. Traverse deep into each of the four separate mazes, where you will battle through treacherous twists and turns to find all sorts of treats and treasure, as well as a couple of tricks...
  7. CruderTax

    NEW Staff vs Players Event & Key-All TODAY!

    Greetings Adventurers! It has been a long ride but we have now fixed spawners and the ender pearl cooldown. To celebrate this along with other fixes, we are hosting a Players VS. Staff event! This will be the first event of many and holds the opportunity to get some amazing loot including...
  8. CruderTax


  9. CruderTax

    At least it wasn't fly boost this time. Heard you've been unbanned though ;)

    At least it wasn't fly boost this time. Heard you've been unbanned though ;)
  10. CruderTax

    Pirate RELEASE, PLUS Global Unban, Anti-Cheat & Rank Purchase Changes

    Greetings Adventurers! It’s finally the day of reset and we’re just as excited as you are to see what the future of TreasureWars holds for us all. We’ve got some major announcements to make regarding this reset. Performance Reset Reset this time around is heavily focused on performance and...
  11. CruderTax

    Waiting time for my appeal to be checked

    Some appeals require admin intervention. In your case Sr. Mods are unable to view bans that are done manually and not through the bot. They were unable to view any reasoning and therefore could not handle your appeal so they notified myself and I have gone ahead and handled your appeal today.
  12. CruderTax

    Player Report Tylerfw's Player Report on Stunnxr_

    Thanks for taking the time to submit a report on our staff member. When it comes to blacklisted mods we take the report very seriously and make sure that it is handled correct especially when a staff member is involved. With this being said I have come to the conclusion that this video evidence...
  13. CruderTax

    Player Report Tylerfw's Player Report on GamerGirl28

    Denied, please don't be so stupid. /wtime reset very recently meaning it will be extremely low for a lot of staff at the moment.
  14. CruderTax


    Thread locked. Any issues regarding staff members and how they are handling punishments should be directed to me. If you decide to make anymore of these your thread will be locked. Thanks :)
  15. CruderTax

    Freezing and Screensharing scene on Twars.

    Screen sharing will not be implemented on the server as we strongly believe it is an invasion of privacy and don't agree with it. We do have commands that allow staff to freeze hackers to prevent them from causing further havoc and we're also looking into a much better anti cheat for next season...
  16. CruderTax

    Getting muted for a countdown...

    I'm afraid we consider this flooding the chat which comes under our spam rule and therefore you have been appropriately punished for it. Please feel free to make an appeal and the appeals team will explain it further but will not revoke your punishment. For future reference if you have anymore...
  17. CruderTax

    Player Disrespect and staff being so ****

    Hey there, If you'd like to message me on discord (CruderTax#8721) and we'll arrange a time suitable for both of us in which we can discuss the matter here. If you have any more issues with staff members please feel free to privately message me on discord, my pms are open, and I'll handle it...
  18. CruderTax

    Player Report Tylerfw's Player Report on ThqtGirl

    Hey Aqua, Thanks for submitting a report regarding one of our staff members. However we have deemed the evidence provided insufficient as you are constantly in F1 meaning that there is no scoreboard to prove that you are on TreasureWars. If you do have any evidence where you aren't in F1...
  19. CruderTax

    Useless Staff? Not doing their jobs?

    Hey there, As I'm the only staff member who can deal with chargeback appeals it does mean that the waiting time on them is heavily increased. I've now responded to your appeal and will get back to you once I receive the correct information (detailed in the appeal response). Thanks!