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  1. Grovers1

    Realms & Resets

    I have a suggestion that i think would be good for the server, staff and players. I dont want to add anything but i want to remove a little and change some stuff. I think will help the server to be better both now and in the long run. I think that we should Remove Some Realms. Why should we...
  2. Grovers1

    Joining A Faction

    Hey everyone, I am in need of a faction, i'm tired of trying to start one and id just like to join one instead. This faction must have a blaze grinder and descent base defenses. IGN: Grovers1 Age: 17 Rank: God Classes: Warrior, Mage, Paladin, Beasmaster, Pyromancer, Berserker, Slayer...
  3. Grovers1

    The Community Update

    I think that a poll should be created by Logan where we can vote for our favourite suggestions that will be added in the next update. So all the top ideas will be listed in a poll and will vote for our 3 favourites and in the next update what ever got the most votes from the community is what...
  4. Grovers1

    Looking for a minimap

    Hi, I'd like to get a minimap mod but I can find a 1.8.9 version without a radar. Anyone know where I can get it?
  5. Grovers1

    Instant /warp, /home, /spawn, ect

    My suggestion is if a player wants to tp somwhere (/f home, /home, /warp, ect) then if they are in a safe area (example, shop, spawn, faction claimed land) then the wait time is instant or even just shortened to 1-3seconds. If you vote no, then why?
  6. Grovers1

    Cleanup the mess

    I think that in the Frozen/Molten realm, all the unclaimed bases along the world boarder should be cleared, have someone got around with worldedit and remove theses old bases, maybe 2 mods per realm. Just cut everything from y64 up. This would mean more places for someone to start a base or more...
  7. Grovers1

    A Maxed God Set

    This is what i have planed for my god set so far, any suggestions? I should move, add, remove an enchant? Green is runes i have, Red i dont, Bule i am unsure about. Also I will buy slot crystals and maxed runes on FROZEN. Axe: -------------------- Killstreak VI Crushing V Execute V...
  8. Grovers1

    Pet Types In Store

    I think that the pet area of the store should be updated since cow pets are now legendary and creepers are special.
  9. Grovers1


    Its a simple suggestion, works like /clearlag but shows when the last washup was (could even be an Adventurer rank command)
  10. Grovers1

    Grovers1's Ban Report against Tunoc for TPA Killing/Trapping

    Ban reports are considered and evaluated objectively by staff. Please complete the form in its entirety. Remember to be: Specific - including what transpired during the offense and key times if you are including a video. Honest. Include evidence - All ban reports, without exception, require...
  11. Grovers1

    GG Hero!!!

    Just completed my first heroic on molten and it HERO RANK!
  12. Grovers1

    Swap Heroics?

    Anyone want to swap some heroics? If you give me a heroic on any realm (Not Frozen) I'll give you a heroic on frozen realm. I'm trying to get a rank on a 2nd realm. Thanks ~ Grover
  13. Grovers1

    God Axe/Sword/Bow

    This week Iv been working on my God set and I just wanted to see what everyone had on there God weapon's, If you have one could you post a picture of it for me to see?
  14. Grovers1

    Sending Items

    Sometimes if you want to send a item to someone offline or online, well /ah is to risky and trade takes to long, also you cant send it to someone offline so my suggestion is /mailbox. It would work like, /mailbox send (IGN) Sends and item to a player, /mailbox Opens your mailbox to collect...
  15. Grovers1

    Why Do the Fish Mock Me Like This?

  16. Grovers1

    Login Problem

  17. Grovers1

    Money per hour?

    Using 1 IG spawner, how much money can you get from 1hour of afking?
  18. Grovers1

    Limited Classes in Heroics

    i think with the limited edition classes (Santa, Raider? And this new one coming soon) there should be a small chance to get them in a heroic, even if it's the same chance as a God Rank.
  19. Grovers1

    Heroic Pet Egg

    This pet egg would be super rare, maybe twice as rare as a legendary pet egg. Well this egg would have the chance of giving you and limited time pets (goblin, elf, dragon, ect). They could be obtained from Heroic Clue or a Mythic War Chest.
  20. Grovers1

    Lootchests at warps

    I think that there should be 5-6 chests added to each of the warps. What do you guys think?