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  1. Julian

    Spoiler #1 (Make sure to leave a like on Twitter):

    Spoiler #1 (Make sure to leave a like on Twitter):
  2. Julian

    Content ALL NEW Supply Drop, UPGRADED Home System and much more!

    Hello Adventurers! This week we bring to you a brand new Supply Drop and plenty more ready for you to enjoy! LANDLUBBER SUPPLY DROP We have released yet another Supply Drop ready to be summoned across the realm. Keep in mind that some of the items may only ever be obtained in that weeks...
  3. Julian

    PvP is still Broken

    We're on top of it and we're working to perfect PvP this week. Locked
  4. Julian

    ALL NEW Purification Crystals, Description Dust, Faction Updates and more!

    Hello Adventurers! Over the last two weeks the development team have been hard at work engineering new content and features for you to enjoy during your journey on TreasureWars! We’ve got lots of exciting updates lined up for you all in the coming weeks! PURIFICATION CRYSTALS Ever had an...
  5. Julian

    New stuff

    Go off, tell me what new and old stuff you want to see on Treasure Wars! Just finished a bunch of school stuff, now that everything is winding down I'll have a lot more time to sit down and pump out new content and much more for you guys. Thanks again, Julian <3
  6. Julian

    TreasureWars Status Update

    Sure thing! We'll make sure to do various times throughout the upcoming weeks to accommodate for all of our players.
  7. Julian

    TreasureWars Status Update

    Hey Adventurers, Over the past few weeks, we’ve been hard at work to repair and restore TreasureWars to a playable state. We understand that recently we may have been unreliable due to all the issues that the realm has been experiencing. Moving forward, we are going to attempt to redeem...
  8. Julian

    NEW KoTH and Scroll Crystals UPDATE!

    New Treasure KoTH, Scroll Consumables and Resurgenece Supply Drop Hello Pirates! Over the past weeks, we have been working hard to bring you one of our most highly anticipated updates here in a while. We are happy to present Treasure KoTH. This update is the brand new King of The Hill where...
  9. Julian

    Incoming forums update

    Incoming forums update
  10. Julian

    NEW Pirate Islands F-TOP Rewards, Maze Event, and more!

    FTOP rewards, Scavenger Supply Drop, Maze Event and more! Ahoy Pirates, We are excited to announce our F-TOP rewards and all the updates we have made to the server over the past week. We are also excited to announce our maze event that will be taking place at 7 PM BST/2PM EST today. FTOP...
  11. Julian

    NEW Pirate Islands Re-Release!

    NEW PIRATE ISLANDS RE-RELEASE! RELEASES @ 3 PM EST / 12 PM PST 70% OFF SALE ACTIVE @! Hey everyone, Today at 3 PM EST / 12 PM PST we will be re-releasing Pirate Islands! If you have not already please follow us on Twitter at @TreasureWars to get live updates and be...
  12. Julian

    Gang related

    Gang related
  13. Julian

    TreasureWars Pirate Realm Re-Release!

    Join the Discord to interact with the community and receive various server status updates:
  14. Charles

    TreasureWars Pirate Realm Re-Release!

    TreasureWars Pirate Re-Release [April 6th @ 3 PM EST] Hey Adventurers, Most of you that may be from the Discord are already familiar with what went on today. There have been many item duplications, crashing, lagging and many other issues since the release of Pirate. Some of which we were able...
  15. Julian

    NEW Pirate Islands UPDATES

    Pet Clothing, PVP Changes, and Voting Ahoy Pirates! Thank you for your patience last week during the Pirate Islands release. Whilst it didn’t go as smoothly as we had hoped the turn out was amazing, and we’re grateful for all the support. We have worked through all of the issues that...
  16. Julian

    NEW Pirate Islands release!

    NEW PIRATE ISLANDS RELEASE! RELEASES @ 4 PM EST / 1 PM PST 50% OFF SALE NOW ACTIVE @! Hey everyone, Today at 4 PM EST / 1 PM PST we will be releasing Pirate Islands! If you have not already please follow us on Twitter at @TreasureWars to get live updates and be notified...
  17. Julian

    NEW Pirate Islands release on TreasureWars!

    NEW PIRATE ISLANDS RELEASE! Pirate Islands - Saturday, March 16th @ 4PM EST (4PM EST, 1PM PST, 8PM GMT) | Server IP: If you have not already please follow us on Twitter at @TreasureWars to get live updates and be notified when we do giveaways! Join our Discord to interact with...
  18. Julian

    Changelog for 13/02/2019

    CHANGELOG FOR 13/02/2019 + Fixed TreasureChest animation bug + Fixed TreasureChest reward bug + Fixed Creeper Egg wierd spawning locations + Added chunk warning and teleport to chunk busters + Fixed being able to buy items at a higher amount than the normal limit (i.e. 64...
  19. Julian

    Changelog for 09/02/2019

    CHANGELOG FOR 09/02/2019 + Fixed lottery money dupe + Improved lottery remaining count checker + Added Rare chest to Dwarf Spawn + Re-disabled creepers agro-ing on players + Removed raid shop (was replaced by /shop) + Disabled Potion stacking + Fixed bragpv issue...
  20. Julian

    Changelog for 06/02/2019

    CHANGELOG FOR 02/02/2019 + Added Title Faction Permission + Added Title Other Faction Permission + Buffed Titan Forged by a 13% armor damage reduction + Changed the Valentines pet + Can't hurt allies with creeper pets anymore + Get a piece of equipment to X amount of...