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    Great idea?

    Add exp to war zone merchant??
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    Add witch spawners to shop

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    I haven’t logged onto treasure wars in 2 months so I’m not too sure if this is a thing or not but I’ll talk about it anyways. Putting the max level on all the runes. This will help players, especially noobs, know whether a certain rune is maxed. I.e On a necromancer rune, it would say Maxed...
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    Make it so when you get killed, an xporb drops with the amount of exp you had before you died. Simple addition and idc if we are copying cosmic, its a good addition imo
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    Scrolls only work if they are in your hot bar which is stupid. When i'm pvping my hot bar is full from the fix set, enderpearls, pets, etc so please just make it so you can complete a heroic when its in your inventory not when its in your hot bar. I'm not sure if this is a bug or not but just...
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    Where did the thing go that is now replaced with a search icon? It's not on phone but idk about computer.
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    There should be a shop, separate from the actual shop, where you can sell stuff like soul gems, crates, keys, etc. This is because there aren't many people online and when there is, not all of them want to buy these kind of stuff. This would provide another source of money and we don't have to...
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    Stop this

    @Nonativity is necro in a lot of posts, stop him now. 1. 2. 3...
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    Exp Uses?

    So im not sure if this idea has been brought it or not but im gonna say talk about it in this thread. Basically since exp is so useless right now, i thought of a decent idea for exp use. You can buy slot crystals, prot runes, soul gems and other stuff (you suggest other stuff) using exp. 200k...
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    Gg Manuluke

    Gg Manuluke on the red name tag and the ban team tag. Everyone please congratulate him when you see him
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    Mythic war chests

    I honestly want some stuff in the mythic war chests to be removed such as the golden apples, 1000 exp, and some of the bad spawners. I want this because on some realms, the keys go for around 500k-1mil and If you get golden apples or 1000 exp then you it would be a total ripoff. If you can't...
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    A question that needs to be answered

    you guys think it's worth putting swift strike 4 on a gg axe? Just wondering
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    Duel Idea

    So i was thinking of a new duel idea and i thought of one that would be really cool if it was added. You get 10 mythic loot crates and 5 minutes to make a set. Then you pvp with whatever you got. Thanks for reading :D
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    Heroics are AIDS

    Heroics are complete AIDS. I was doing one today and i was on my 5th clue then it finished. I was suprised because ive never seen a 5 step heroic before. And guess what i get. I get 256 enderpearls, 12 regen pots, a bad rune and 1000 exp. Please fix them as they are complete trash. Thank you
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    there should be a thing implemented for the people that bought a certain class and got a limited edition pet after reset. This is because a lot of people lost/ are going to lose their limited edition pets that they paid good money for and that they will lose after reset. Maybe for the realms...
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    Fix the Runes

    A lot of 90% runes are failing. I had a arrow rain 5 rune with 99% and it failed and broke my prot rune. Like seriously, they need to fix the runes.
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    Slot Crystals

    Are we able to get slot crystals from heroic clue scrolls? if we arent, i think this should be added because if we can get prot runes, i think we should be able to get slot crystals
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    Rune pouches

    I think they should nerf the time pouches because I have seen only 1 to 2 people get it from the war zone chests. Maybe they can make the percent of getting it a bit higher cause not a lot of people get it
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    Didn't get me slot crystal

    I bought a slot crystal like 2 weeks ago and I posted a thread in the purchase help section like 2 weeks ago but never got a reply. I still need a slot crystal
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    Cow pet

    How do i level up a cow pet? ive asked many people on the server but no one is reply so i thought i would ask the forum community.