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  1. HydrastarHD

    Magma Armor = p2w + op

    I see your point however we have tested it by 3v1ing someone in a magma 40l and he killed us all and only used 5 pots during the whole fight.
  2. HydrastarHD

    Hive IRL :)

    Maybe next time Amaan
  3. HydrastarHD

    Get rid of fucking glaciate

    Glaciate is the most annoying thing ever if u ever get glaciated thats it u cant pearl u cant do anything Its just common sense. remove it
  4. HydrastarHD

    Stacking Spawners

    Envy theres this server ik, im not promoting but if you wanna know how it works ill tell you the ip just dm me on discord xHydraHD#1768 and when you want to raid it doesnt give you all the spawners so out of 64 you get 32-40.
  5. HydrastarHD

    Make Spawners Stack

    Make it so spawners stack, this would not cause fps drop.
  6. HydrastarHD

    The Golden Knife

    -1 this feature was a great feature and its unique to the server so don't remove it. An idea is to make golden knifes chances be like 0.1% or just remove them from keys and have them be from a very hard thing that has a very low chance of getting it or just events
  7. HydrastarHD

    Soul enchants

    I have done a post about this a long time ago however It would be a bit too much like cosmic and there would be a lot of enchants in the game.
  8. HydrastarHD

    Most hated/toxic players on Reforged.

    Watch next season when I **** you and your dog ass faction up
  9. HydrastarHD

    Most hated/toxic players on Reforged.

    You disagree cause i ****ed you up in your derp?
  10. HydrastarHD

    Most hated/toxic players on Reforged.

    **** u u bastard u have no life
  11. HydrastarHD


    if people have 20 knifes then staff can tell that they have duped and they would be banned
  12. HydrastarHD


    Exactly that @Felixthecat7
  13. HydrastarHD


    So I thought that Treasure wars should have a showoff thing where you can put your stuff at any point in the season and whenever you do /showoff, you can see the items that are in it. Also the items in it would never be gone unless the player himself clicks it and deletes it off his showcase.
  14. HydrastarHD


    -1 because if everyone merges, then everyone on the realm will have god rank and it will be boring
  15. HydrastarHD


  16. HydrastarHD

    /F Top Rewards?

    I was looking the discord and @Skelmis had a great idea so I made a post about it. As you can tell, at the moment on treasure wars there aren't any rewards for f top factions, so this would be a cool thing to add. You don't really need to give them PayPal Money, it can just be like buycraft...