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  1. Horn34

    Newsletter video submissions

    Hello Adventurers! We are currently on the look out for video submissions to be featured on the next TreasureWars Newsletter! If you have a recent video of TreasureWars content and would like the chance to have your video featured on the next Newsletter then please send your submissions to...
  2. Horn34

    New scroll!

    I would like to see this or something similar to be added maybe along with the upcoming reset. Thread that was made a while ago:
  3. Horn34

    Addition to /f top

    When you do /f top, you should be able to click on a faction and it show what type of spawners they have and how many of each. Just a small change that I think would be a nice addition.
  4. Horn34

    A couple of QoL things for reset.

    Just a couple things that would be nice to see with the new reset. 1. Make sell tokens more accessible and/or rework them so there's more going round. 2. Make it so you can get gen buckets in game with in game money, I suggest adding them to the actual /shop or something that is probably easier...
  5. Horn34

    Water protecting spawners.

    Make water protting spawners bannable. Can you add this as a rule please? You ran a poll about it, winning vote was for making it bannable. It's literally pointless raiding when someone can completely cover the spawners in water and they are ezpz not possible to get. @eZlee @Deez nutz...
  6. Horn34

    Make it so creepers don't agro on to players.

    Make it so creepers do not agro on to players so that when you are raiding, and you place a creeper egg it doesn't move around. Also making it so you can rod it ETC. @eZlee @TheSuprMan
  7. Horn34

    Additions to the "Raiding & Redstone" merchant.

    So some things you can't buy from the raiding merchant, but need them for almost all cannons. Would be nice if they could be added. 1. Trapdoors 2. Ladders 3. Redstone torch 4. Cobblestone 5. Red sand 6. Gravel 7. Levers 8. Redstone lamps 9. Slabs 10. Glass @eZlee @TheSuprMan
  8. Horn34

    Make it so sponges break in 1 hit.

    As the title says, hit a sponge once, and it breaks. @eZlee
  9. Horn34


    /Anvil Fairly self explanatory but you do /anvil and it brings up the anvil GUI. Just like /craft or /workbench, just makes things a bit easier when combining runes ETC. Make it available to the ranks that have access to /craft.
  10. Horn34

    Placing spawners in wilderness.

    Make it so you can place spawners in the wilderness, unclaimed. So we can have unclaimed bases like we used to. Should be easy enough to add, and would be a nice addition. @eZlee
  11. Horn34

    Classes in keys.

    I was just curious if the newer classes are going to replace the classes that are being removed in the crates at shop?
  12. Horn34

    Adding looting4/5 with reset.

    Opinions on having looting 4 and 5 added with reset? Only obtainable through the war zone, with maybe the same chance of appearing in a chest as slot crystals? I think it will encourage people to make custom grinding swords instead of just using class swords. If you don't want to see it added...