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  1. xDestructive

    Release Announcement Monthly Chests, Duels and Voting Hits the Pirate Islands!

    Greetings Adventurers! It's been two weeks since our last announcement post and we are excited to bring you all a whole bunch of new features for you to enjoy here on TreasureWars. Duels A throwback to the past with duels returning to TreasureWars! Duel other players to get to the top of...
  2. xDestructive

    TreasureWars Uprising Pirate Islands Patch Notes

    Greetings Adventurers! The time has finally arrived for what you all have been waiting for... all the changes, updates, and fixes you can expect to see for our reset at 4 PM EDT/7 PM BST! PvP Changelog We heard a lot of your concerns over the current state of PvP and we have gone ahead and...
  3. xDestructive

    Pirate Islands Upcoming Reset Information!

    Yeah, we have spent a lot of time trying to perfect cannoning and while we are aware it is not 100% there it should be in a good enough state to allow for larger cannons to be used!
  4. xDestructive

    Happy Birthday Matt!

    Happy Birthday Matt!
  5. xDestructive

    Pirate Islands Upcoming Reset Information!

    Greetings Adventurers! The time has come for the reset of Pirate Islands! We have been working hard on getting ready for the upcoming reset of the Pirate Islands! The next few days will be an action packed adventure as we prepare for one last action packed week on the Pirate Islands. From drop...
  6. xDestructive

    TreasureWars 30% Easter SALE and Return of the KILLER BUNNY!

    HAPPY EASTER ADVENTURERS! Greetings Adventurers! We are excited to announce the return of the Killer Bunny Class on our store for this weekend only! Grab your hands on this limited time class which will not be available again until next year! We also have a new event planned for this Easter...
  7. xDestructive

    Event Pirate Islands PongWars Event

    TreasureWars Presents: PongWars Greetings Adventurers! We are proud to present our newest TreasureWars event: PongWars! Destroy the gods of the realm with your amazing skills and claim the treasure hidden behind each cup. What is this event? The rules are simple: the first team to ender...
  8. xDestructive

    Create a Command to Disable Cfs

    Moved thread to suggestions and feedback.
  9. xDestructive

    GUIDE Tickets: A TreasureWars Guide

    Tickets Guide Hey adventurers! This is a guide designed to help you use the new ticket system. The following commands can be used to create a ticket in #bot-spam: !new -new If you are muted on the Treasure Wars discord, you can create a ticket by messaging the bot directly. Then and using...
  10. xDestructive


    Sounds like a political figure....
  11. xDestructive

    Unfortunately we cannot do that for you.

    Unfortunately we cannot do that for you.
  12. xDestructive

    Do classes and ranks still drop from heroics?

    Moved to community help and locked thread :)
  13. xDestructive

    War Coins on opening chest

    The issue with this is that it would be very overpowered. Anywhere between 300-450 chests spawn each washup meaning anywhere from 600-900 coins added to the economy every 45 minutes and players with coin collector will recieve even more coins. I don't see us adding this feature again in this...
  14. xDestructive

    /rshop - war coins shop

    Sounds like it would be balanced and useful at the same time. No words against it. Great suggestion!
  15. xDestructive

    On it chief!

    On it chief!
  16. xDestructive

    Top 10 players of pirate

    I am the best on Pirate what are you talking about.
  17. xDestructive

    Wiznerds Map 6

    big sad :(
  18. xDestructive

    Adminboxes from last season

    Please start a conversation with me or pm me on discord @Kandy#2290 to redeem your rewards. Thanks.