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  1. Horn34

    Wtime Top

    I mean @NoobBusters has a good point about the top players most likely being AFK account, so if there was a way around that then it might be a good addition to the server.
  2. Horn34

    Freezing and Screensharing scene on Twars.

    I would personally love to see this but as it's already been said, I don't believe it's possible at the moment.
  3. Horn34

    Mayhem Kills

  4. Horn34

    New scroll!

    I would like to see this or something similar to be added maybe along with the upcoming reset. Thread that was made a while ago:
  5. Horn34

    GrassNerds Recruiting

    Bot :tnt:
  6. Horn34

    Onward and Upwards

    Best of luck, Donut!
  7. Horn34

    How's are you's doing?!

    How's are you's doing?!
  8. Horn34

    Hi babe

    Hi babe
  9. Horn34

    FastAsThunder's Suggestions

    I actually like all of these suggestions. +1
  10. Horn34

    Make Ghasts/Pigmen/Magma Purchasable from /shop again

    Although buying the certain spawners would be too OP imo.
  11. Horn34

    Make Ghasts/Pigmen/Magma Purchasable from /shop again

    If anything I think you should be able to purchase mystery mob spawners from the /shop, for a price of 5m.
  12. Horn34

    Break all stacked spawners in one hit

    -1 This would be stupidly broken if you're being raided.
  13. Horn34

    Player Report Horn34's Player Report on 711kev

    Minecraft Username: 711kev Your Username Powerwoman Date: May 26, 2019 Realm: Pirate Islands Reason: Anti knockback because of freecam Evidence and Proof Keytimes: whole video. At 5 seconds you can see he turns...
  14. Horn34

    Set Guide: 40 Lore

    Its like Killstreak but lifesteal, the more consecutive hits you get the more health you gain.
  15. Horn34

    Set Guide: 40 Lore

    I likey
  16. Horn34

    TreasureWars Status Update

    Aye ggs
  17. Horn34

    Raider Class and TShop Upgrades

    +1 I like all the suggestions as chunk busters specifically have been some what rare which has led to them being extremely expensive to buy in game.
  18. Horn34

    Does Ial3x have autism

    +1, I agree to this post 100%