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  1. CruderTax

    False ban

    Thread locked, please make a punishment appeal on our forums.
  2. CruderTax

    Pirate Islands: Parkour Event!

    Greetings Adventurers! We are excited to announce the much-anticipated parkour event. This event will take place on Sunday 21st June at 4PM EST/9PM BST. What is this event? This is a parkour event with 4 different stages “Molten Depths”, “Frozen Abyss“, “Forgotten Woods”, “Reforged mountains”...
  3. CruderTax

    Treasure Wars Newsletter - "A New Beginning"

    Everytime we have a new beginning :O
  4. CruderTax

    Warzone Bosses, Treasure Diaries, TreasurePass, and the June Treasure Chest

    Greetings Adventurers! As promised in our teaser, here is the full announcement of what to expect today. We also have a lot of extra features that we didn’t tease yesterday that we will be releasing in today's update! Necromancer He’s been away for a while but now he’s back and better than...
  5. CruderTax

    Teaser Announcement! Return of the Necromancer, New June Chest and More!

    Greetings Adventurers! We’ve had numerous, amazing submissions so far for the unique items, some of which have already been implemented. We’d just like to thank the people who’ve put their ideas forward and for those that we’ve decided to use we will be reaching out to you next month! If...
  6. CruderTax

    Treasure Wars Faction & Raiding Rules

    Treasure Wars Network Faction and Raiding Rules Here at Treasure Wars, we have a few rules put into place to maintain a safe and fun environment for all players. These rules, listed below, are to be followed at all times when playing on the Treasure Wars Server. Any offences breaking these...
  7. CruderTax

    Fix Magma's Drop rate for Diamonds

    I've looked into this, slightly weird how it doesn't have at least 1 drop 100% of the time. I'll pass this issue on to the devs for them to resolve soon. Thanks :)
  8. CruderTax


    Not experienced this myself when we were testing plus like others have said above it's fairly simple to break the chain. If that can't be managed then I guess you might just need to work on your PvP skills. :O
  9. CruderTax

    Whitelisted Modifications List

    Treasure Wars Modifications When using Modifications to enhance your Minecraft Experience, it is important that you are using a Whitelisted Modification as many mods can give you an unfair advantage over other players in the game, such as X-Ray, Hacked Clients, Macros, etc. If you are caught...
  10. CruderTax

    Official rollback vote thread.

    This is not an official poll and we will not be rolling back, that has already been decided. Thread locked.
  11. CruderTax

    HoesMadd IRL

    Rip hoesmadd
  12. CruderTax

    Reset less than 24 hours away, Rule Changes and our Biggest Giveaway yet!

    Ahoy Adventurers! We can’t believe how fast reset has arrived, now just less than 24 hours away and the support shown by the community throughout our network is insane! We can’t wait to open Pirate to you all tomorrow. Current Giveaways We’re currently hosting one of our biggest giveaways yet...
  13. CruderTax

    Genbear would be so proud. :thumbsup:

    Genbear would be so proud. :thumbsup:
  14. CruderTax

    guess who's back <3

    Nice to see some familiar faces appearing around here again :)
  15. CruderTax

    God Kill Montage!

    Now this is content!
  16. CruderTax


    Okay missed these messages, necro posting is not allowed :(. Thread locked
  17. CruderTax


    Almost a month later in response, be careful in the future as we consider this necro posting. If you don't know that's posting on threads that are older than 2 weeks since the last message. Thread locked :(
  18. CruderTax

    Serrated Strikes

    We're aware of the MCMMO cap not currently being present. This is high on our list to be fixed as it prevents a lot of people from pvping each other. As for the suggestion regarding serrated strikes prolonging combat timers, I'll have a chat with the development team and see what we can do. :)
  19. CruderTax

    Who likes the old AH

    We've seen a bit of concern with the new AH recently, we can adapt it to make it slightly easier to navigate however it has all the features the old one had plus bidding. Bidding allows players to set a base price where people can bid against each other so it doesn't have to be done in chat...
  20. CruderTax

    He's got you there

    He's got you there