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  1. ItzDonut

    Only for the OGs

    Jan 2017?!?!? Very disappointing...
  2. ItzDonut

    A Few Ideas

    I like of these ideas, however I'm not sure about the idea of just clicking a washup chest. This is because people tend to leave items in the washup chests that they might not seem worthy of keeping. This would annoy a lot of players if all of the items instantly went into the inventory. Other...
  3. ItzDonut

    ItzDonut's QA Application

    User name: ItzDonut Minecraft Username ItzDonut Previous Usernames Age 16 Timezone GMT/BST Faction SexyThots Discord Tag ItzDonut#2557 Are you on our Discord server and do you have a working microphone? Yes Which role are you applying for? Event How long have you been...
  4. ItzDonut

    Player Report ItzDonut's Player Report on M4tt_H4wk

    Minecraft Username: M4tt_H4wk Your Username ItzDonut Date: Sep 9, 2019 Realm: Pirate Islands Reason: Blacklisted Mods Evidence and Proof Keytimes: 35 seconds I agree that the information reported is valid, unedited, and is not forged nor faked. I...
  5. ItzDonut

    Using the only GK on Pirate to knife CruderTax!

    Enjoy :) Bot down - Sorry @CruderTax :D
  6. ItzDonut

    The Future of TreasureWars

    Having been a staff member, through the release of the new Pirate season 1, this is the most respectful way that a member of the community has brought forward what has been wrong with a reset. I would 100% agree with all the points you have made and think the staff should take the time to read it.
  7. ItzDonut

    Onward and Upwards

    I appreciate it a lot dude. Best of luck for the future fella.
  8. ItzDonut

    Hope you're enjoying Beefa lad :)

    Hope you're enjoying Beefa lad :)
  9. ItzDonut


    No.1 - You've been banned from discord multiple times. No.2 - You clearly don't understand the rules or how they work. No.3 - Just be quiet because you are soooooooo annoying.
  10. ItzDonut

    I wish you all the best with life pal.

    I wish you all the best with life pal.
  11. ItzDonut

    See you all when I'm back from Basic Training :)

    See you all when I'm back from Basic Training :)
  12. ItzDonut

    Onward and Upwards

    Cheers dude
  13. ItzDonut

    Onward and Upwards

    Thanks dude
  14. ItzDonut

    Onward and Upwards

    Of course mate!
  15. ItzDonut

    Onward and Upwards

    Thanks for all the amazing laughs James dude :)
  16. ItzDonut

    Onward and Upwards

    Best of luck for the future, and I sure will :D
  17. ItzDonut

    Onward and Upwards

    All the best dude :)
  18. ItzDonut

    Onward and Upwards

    Thank you Horn, best of luck for next season :D
  19. ItzDonut

    Onward and Upwards

    Thanks dude!