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  1. ItzDonut

    ItzDonut's QA Application

    User name: ItzDonut Minecraft Username ItzDonut Previous Usernames Age 16 Timezone GMT/BST Faction SexyThots Discord Tag ItzDonut#2557 Are you on our Discord server and do you have a working microphone? Yes Which role are you applying for? Event How long have you been...
  2. ItzDonut

    Player Report ItzDonut's Player Report on M4tt_H4wk

    Minecraft Username: M4tt_H4wk Your Username ItzDonut Date: Sep 9, 2019 Realm: Pirate Islands Reason: Blacklisted Mods Evidence and Proof Keytimes: 35 seconds I agree that the information reported is valid, unedited, and is not forged nor faked. I...
  3. ItzDonut

    Using the only GK on Pirate to knife CruderTax!

    Enjoy :) Bot down - Sorry @CruderTax :D
  4. ItzDonut

    Onward and Upwards

    Errr, I'm not very good at this kind of thing. Anyways, as most of you will know I have resigned from my position of staff here at TreasureWars, It's been a fantastic six months and would like to thank every staff member that I have worked with throughout my time. I am not going to sit here and...
  5. ItzDonut

    Player Report Player Report on ReturnOfTheWolf

    Minecraft Username ReturnOfTheWolf Your Username ItzDonut Time and Date Oct 1, 2017 Reason Use of Hacked Client Evidence and Proof Upload Evidence Realm Forgotten Woods Keytimes n/a Report Agreement Yes
  6. ItzDonut

    TNT And Piston Limit!!!

    @Erictigerawr @OhBlihv @codenameflip @Eraze What is the TNT and Piston limit per chunk? Can somebody please tell me! Thanks
  7. ItzDonut

    Key Opening GUI

    I feel like there should be a GUI accessible via a command to open Way Keys. I think this should be added, as there is a GUI everything else in the TW Store! :D
  8. ItzDonut

    ItzDonut's Reaction to Getting God!!!

    Okay so number 1, i wanna say a huge huge thank you to: _Huzuni also known as JustNoToggle for the purchase of God rank on my account. And yes i know my reaction is slightly cringe :/, i woke up just this morning to god rank. So here it is:
  9. ItzDonut

    MultiMicro's Ban Report against oTempMr_Samington for Hacking

    Ban reports are considered and evaluated objectively by staff. Please complete the form in its entirety. Remember to be: Specific - including what transpired during the offense and key times if you are including a video. Honest. Include evidence - All ban reports, without exception, require...
  10. ItzDonut

    Karma Faction Recruitment!

    Hello And Welcome To The Karma Faction Recruitment! We are a fairly large faction, and consist of some awesome people, and we are looking for more of those awesome people. 1) Why Do you want to join Karma? 2) Have you ever heard of the Karma faction, if so where? 3) What can you offer to the...
  11. ItzDonut

    GKITS Much.....

    I mean come on this is Treasure Wars @Oreopros! We have classes not GKITS. Disgrace!
  12. ItzDonut

    Time For Me To Go.

    So guys, as I am banned, I have not jus decided to quit TW, I have come to the decision to quit MC altogether. I have left some good friends in charge of my faction. I would like to thank everyone for all the support, and making my TW experience the best it could be. As @Ultimate_Derp bro, I...