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  1. Awomaan


    Hi thanks for wishing me a happy bday. Haven’t been on forums in a while. Here on business, won’t be long. I cherish these moments with you all. @Amaan im back and ready to cook for you my love
  2. Awomaan


    GG on 900 messages im such a good mineman. Thank you to all those who believed in me that I could reach 900 messages on this forums :)
  3. Awomaan

    I’m back and sorry

    Before I start, I ask all mods and other staff to keep this on general and not move it anywhere else. I would like everyone to see this. So I’m unbanned, it wasn’t too long but I was Network Banned and Blacklisted from global unban. It hasn’t been too long but it felt like forever. For those...
  4. Awomaan

    CowMoover/AWomaan is out.

    I am gonna be leaving here. The staff are corrupt. I’m not getting unbanned from the Discord for some reason. The server is falling apart. I may be checking in once or twice a week. But I won’t be as active. For some of you this may be a relief, but for many this is a day of sadness, I hope...
  5. Awomaan

    Can we have opinions? Serious question, staff.

    I wanted to ask staff one thing, are we allowed to have our opinion? Like actually. I get muted and warned and banned for saying things like, I hate staff, I hate -insert name here-, staff needs to change. Although these may not be the nicest things to say, it’s my OPINION! I know saying...
  6. Awomaan

    Wanna know a joke?

    Not the server, dead things aren’t jokes.
  7. Awomaan

    What has the server come to?

    Okay I have not played since this last October, but I am still active on forums. I was banned for a month and when I come back it’s literally split. We have staff and 15% of the community on one side arguing with 75% of the active forums community. There’s a small median of people not getting...
  8. Awomaan

    I’m back

    Hey I’m back from another false ban. I hope you are all doing good. I’m just gonna go jump off a bridge. Don’t bother. I’m getting banned for saying that. Staff don’t care. I hope some get demoted. Peace
  9. Awomaan

    Least favorite staff member?

    Who’s your least favorite staff member? Put a couple candidates that people don’t seem to like but if you would like another added to the poll let me know! This is not meant to be rude, I’m genuinely curious and I’m sure more people are as well. Past hated staff included.
  10. Awomaan

    800 messages appreciation!

    So I hit 800 messages and I wanted to say no one cares L xd
  11. Awomaan

    I’m sad

    staff hate me and I get warned for things that if @Crits or @GenBear said staff would like. :(
  12. Awomaan


    What’s more dead? Forums or my grandma?
  13. Awomaan

    Civil War

    Anyone else feel like forums has just become a battleground for staff and staff suck offs vs community? It’s just funny cuz staff could fix it but they don’t.
  14. Awomaan

    Thoughts on the class crates?

    Okay so first of all, staff please DO NOT MOVE THIS TO SUGGESTIONS. This is NOT a suggestion. I was wondering what you guys think about this. Now I know it’s already long passed but I still think it was unfair. I was bored and looking at fluffys profile and I saw a user @tylerben1 who made some...
  15. Awomaan

    I’m an e girl

    so buy me god
  16. Awomaan

    ‘Necro Posting’ discussion

    Okay so I’m going to state what happened to me and I want to hear your opinions on this, please do not be toxic and stuff so this doesn’t get locked, and staff, this is NOT A SUGGESTION SO DONT MOVE IT THERE. Thank you. So as many of you may know, I have been banned on forums for the past couple...
  17. Awomaan

    I’m back!

    Hey everyone! I’m back from being banned and I see a lot has changed. If someone could comment down below on what has happened and catch me up that would be great
  18. Awomaan

    New Spawners?

    I know this goes against everything T Wars has ever thought of ever. But I really think we need OP spawners. I’m talking Ghasts, Magma Cubes, and Mooshrooms. These would be worth a lot and only obtainable through chests and clue scrolls. They could also be found in washups. This would make...
  19. Awomaan

    New Class Idea!!!

    Okay so I thought of an amazing class. It would be called the Cow class. It would be a rlly OP class and it’s as hard as the Golden Knife to get. It’s called the Cow Class and it’s really OP. Just a thought. This would bring a whole new enchant called Cowbell. This enchant would be a sword and...
  20. Awomaan

    Next Reset?

    Okay so guys reset is coming from what I’ve heard. I was thinking about trying to get a faction of OGs and good people together. I do not want to be the leader so we’d have to find some p2w foot god. @jjrocker138 to lead for us. Just drop a comment on this if you’re OG and good if you’re down...