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  1. xCammyy

    delayed xd

    reforged has been out for a month and half why isnt there any posts on the forum haha you gotta update your things cause theres gonna be bandit soon
  2. xCammyy

    goodbye pirate soon!

    bandit gonna be lit
  3. xCammyy

    Revert to old treasurewars??

    hopefully not i like twars casually and the tryhard side of it but i dont think it will last very long given the current state
  4. xCammyy

    hello hello

    hello hello
  5. xCammyy

    Heroic crate buff?

  6. xCammyy

    Heroic crate buff?

    I’ve opened 10 heroic crates from necromancer and haven’t got something worth spending time killing it.
  7. xCammyy