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  1. BeautiflyWazHere


    Don’t necropost
  2. BeautiflyWazHere

    Question about ban appeals

    nah def a VanquishedPvP :D
  3. BeautiflyWazHere

    Question about ban appeals

    bruv I just got perm banned for "blacklisted mods" and theres a damn global unban, also aren't you really og? I recognize your name
  4. BeautiflyWazHere

    Question about ban appeals

    How long do they usually take to be reviewed? I really wanted to play again and shortly after I started I got banned for Blacklisted mods :(
  5. BeautiflyWazHere

    Nerf unarming

    Nice! I just came back today didn't notice that yet
  6. BeautiflyWazHere

    Nerf unarming

    +1 I’m not even gonna pvp without maxed, just no point
  7. BeautiflyWazHere

    New Spawners Suggestion!

    This and Wilderness bases would make me come back 100%
  8. BeautiflyWazHere

    Freezing and Screensharing scene on Twars.

    Yeah I have a lot of folders titled “Alt Lists” and “CosmicClientHacked” and “Big Anime Tiddies”. I don’t want staff to go through them
  9. BeautiflyWazHere

    Glad you took that break, and I hope you're enjoying your time back. I've been more of a...

    Glad you took that break, and I hope you're enjoying your time back. I've been more of a fortnite mans myself
  10. BeautiflyWazHere

    You still play M I N E C R A F T

    You still play M I N E C R A F T
  11. BeautiflyWazHere

    I'm back

    Now this is a cutie I remember <3
  12. BeautiflyWazHere

    I'm back

    I litterally just dont remember any Jenson's
  13. BeautiflyWazHere

    I'm back

    W h o A r e Y o u
  14. BeautiflyWazHere

    I'm back

    Didnt play forgotten Irrelevant
  15. BeautiflyWazHere

    How can we repopulate the server?

    Honestly I miss old Twars so much, I loved the old spawners systems. The fact that small factions could have underground unclaimed bases and actually strive abit. People say the new spawners and hopper plugin couldnt be effecting the player base but if multiple small factions cant even exist and...
  16. BeautiflyWazHere

    Lost All My Spawners!

    Glad I havent played Twars this season yet, hoping the dev's fix all the bugs this season so I can play next season
  17. BeautiflyWazHere

    New stuff

    Yeah but the thing is it isnt an incentive to make claimed bases, it's making players who cant make these bases segregated out of the player base as they cant even make enough money to compete, back in season 1 me and my friends weren't top 10 but dang we got stacked, had fun, and even as...
  18. BeautiflyWazHere

    New stuff

    Either remove the collection system or bring in an alternative for unclaimed bases, me and a friend cant really have a huge base with tons of walls with 20 power xD
  19. BeautiflyWazHere

    Whats everyones opinion on the new season?

    Only pvpd once, died to a hacker, I hate it