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  1. BeautiflyWazHere

    Question about ban appeals

    How long do they usually take to be reviewed? I really wanted to play again and shortly after I started I got banned for Blacklisted mods :(
  2. BeautiflyWazHere

    Gonna commit soon

    Died to a bot with KillAura and then he typed F in chat immediately after killing me QQ
  3. BeautiflyWazHere

    Hi I'm new here

    I'm wanna make this short so here If I buy a class do I just get it?
  4. BeautiflyWazHere

    Make Mining Nice Plz

    Reenable /sell all and make it so you can sell Diorite Andisite and Granite so mining early game is so much easier
  5. BeautiflyWazHere

    Make Explosive and or smelter proc together

    Just make the two enchants proc together
  6. BeautiflyWazHere

    Chest Collection change

    Don't get me wrong I love the faction Bank and spawner linking (no I don't) but what if we had Wireless chests where the loot would just automatically teleport to the chests, this would allow unclaimed bases to come back aswell as reducing lag that a server can get from mass hopper useage.
  7. BeautiflyWazHere

    Small discord thing

    Mass Unban
  8. BeautiflyWazHere

    Suggestion for reset

    For the love of God please go and remove the new collection systems. I understand unclaimed bases are cheap and highly unliked but for people that play in solo or small squads it's their only real chance at getting anywhere. I know you're just gonna say "Build a base and claim it" yeah well I'd...
  9. BeautiflyWazHere

    Dumb decisions

    Thanks to who ever decided to make the stones and dirt not sellable anymore just took the best way to make some cash right out of reset and ruined it smh
  10. BeautiflyWazHere


    This reset was hella anticipated and in my opinion I'm gonna say it held up the the hype it had it's ups and it's downs but all in all it was pretty good now there are some glitches that ruined the experience that I noticed and I wanna know if this is on all realms or just forgotten so please...
  11. BeautiflyWazHere

    Do I open class gems before or after reset?

    I heard there was random class gems for those of us that had old classes and I can't log on rn but I wanna know will we get these new gems before or after
  12. BeautiflyWazHere


    Was my dad really kicked!!!
  13. BeautiflyWazHere

    Spawner class

    Just a fun cheap class probably less then current warrior and it would give you 1x Random Spawner ..... Yeah that's it's just 1 spawner and it can be any spawner currently obtainable
  14. BeautiflyWazHere

    Someone explain me

    WHY DO MY IRON GOLEMS STACK NOW I'm so confused I don't understand this I just..... How even????
  15. BeautiflyWazHere

    Gamer's Ban

    Alright someone fill me in 100% what happened before I have to roast this staff team I need to know why she's not here and what these idiots did
  16. BeautiflyWazHere

    PvP Warp

    Alright guys people want God's to not fly and actually be killable but no one wants God's to lose fly so I suggest a warp where flying just doesn't work at all a place where everyone can just PvP freely this warp would be outside the world like war zone but it would have 2 chunks of wilderness...
  17. BeautiflyWazHere

    P2W players took a phat L

    Reset is soon guys and anyone who bought that class is losing there pet soon I give it 1-2 months till reset so rip your pet (Also I hope twars resets before Christmas so same thing doesn't happen with santa class and elf pet)
  18. BeautiflyWazHere

    Enchantments to nerf after enchant Update

    Anti Life - the chance of anti procing should he way lower maxing at only 5-10% Fat - The absorption Should be a lot less then it currently is maybe giving 2 hearts no matter the level but the proc chance is higher per level Life Essence - Make it not stack Dodge - Same as life essence Flame...
  19. BeautiflyWazHere

    Custom Spawners

    Custom witches Since witches are so rare why not make them custom and make them more worth while? Here's my suggestions Xp buff to witches making them drop 60xp(3x more then the blazes 20) Drops instant health potions can be either level 1 or 2 Drops nothing with Small chance of getting...
  20. BeautiflyWazHere

    Solution to facs with 1000 igs

    People need to spend money on things other then God sets and igs and Personally I think if they want people to spend money they gotta put items in the shop that are also worth buying my guess would be mystery pet egg This pet egg can be any pet in the game what so ever from common to even the...