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  1. Avalanched

    Chat is a literal advertisement

    Something I would like to see get fixed is the chat's automated advertisement messages. Some of these messages include advertising the server's forums, discord, staff applications, etc. I think we can agree that these are very annoying especially when most people aren't active in chat or at...
  2. Avalanched

    Fix Chrismess

    Someone pls fix chrismess, I'm colour blind and can't see red or green. PReferely the devs to fix chrismis, so pls, fix chrissmisss
  3. Avalanched

    Soup Potions?

    I was thinking about how I saw on Minecraft Mondays, they had these special soup players could craft in hunger games. They had all kinds of different soups ranging from giving a few seconds of extra speed, jump boost, health boost, and absorption. These could add a new twist to PvP on factions...
  4. Avalanched

    Add Ghast & Magma Cube Spawners

    I was thinking of some new things to add and why not add new spawners? One could be Ghast Spawners. They would drop gas tears, diamonds and or maybe instant health potions? And the other could be Magma Cube Spawners. They would drop magma cubs, gun powder and or maybe fire resistance potions...
  5. Avalanched

    New Forums emotes

    I feel like the forums needs an update on its emotes. We should add Twitch emotes on the forums.
  6. Avalanched

    Buying GOD Rank Gem In Game

    I am buying a real working GOD Rank Gem in game. I want to get my friend GOD rank so he would be more active on the server. Please respond with a price that I can buy one off of you. Thanks!
  7. Avalanched

    Official Server Pack?

    I would be down to collaborate with someone else or by myself to make an "official" Treasure Wars server texture pack. It would be a clean FPS pack themed to the server. Should I make one and would anyone consider using it?
  8. Avalanched

    Necro + old shop

    Please add these back everyone misses them they were super beneficial. The Necro gave another hourly competition for players to battle for the warzone! And the shop gave everyone a fun place to chill and do drop parties at. pls add back am super nostialgic
  9. Avalanched

    Chest Sorting

    I feel like the current chest sorting situation is very weird and unclean. The old system, which contained tons of hoppers and chests (though more expensive), was a lot easier and cleaner then the current one. It is also the original way to sort chests and the most popular amongst faction...
  10. Avalanched

    Remove AH "Vip Slot"

    I believe the AH "Vip Slot" should be removed as people really don't use it. To me, it serves no purpose.
  11. Avalanched

    OG design

    I have been thinking about making a factions series on my YouTube channel and just try and do a whole bunch of og type stuff from 2015-2016 Tw. I want to start off with an OG base design but I can't think of any. Can someone please suggest some to me and show some ideas if possible thanks. one...
  12. Avalanched

    Editing blocks in claims

    So I was randomly looking for a claim in the wilderness when some how I managed to edit the blocks in the claim. By this I mean I was capable of building and destroying the blocks in the claim. I don't have permission to build in this faction's claim but for some reason I still was able to. Here...
  13. Avalanched

    Australian/European Servers

    I was thinking there should be a server for other regions to connect from and have a good connection. Such regions are: Australia Europe etc. I am not from these regions but I feel it would give players from those regions a more stable connection. This could also encourage them to PvP, as they...
  14. Avalanched


    I'm sure none of you know me. I've been playing this server for all eternity it seems since the start. But let's start off on a good page. Hi my name is Avalanched. How are you? I am doing good. I hope you are having a great day.
  15. Avalanched

    Just some stupid suggestion w/o details

    what if there was a Treasurewars app that you could download and use to access the forums on the go? ik its stupid