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  1. Jacob_15

    Abnegation class

    stop crying retard
  2. Jacob_15


    tell abood i said hi
  3. Jacob_15

    /bounty (player) (amount)

    cause i said so
  4. Jacob_15

    OG owner of Explsive Enchant!

    sorry but i dont think anyone asked
  5. Jacob_15

    Jenny/HoesMadd IRL

    no clue who half of them are
  6. Jacob_15

    Adding a new PvP Warp such as /Warp PvP

    ppl will just end up trucing the whole server against 1 faction this is stupid
  7. Jacob_15

    unban me holy god

    unban me holy god
  8. Jacob_15

    Coined Flipped to Baltop on Stream UwU

    then lost it all
  9. Jacob_15

    Official Server Pack?

  10. Jacob_15

    Fix Chrismess

    but i agree +1
  11. Jacob_15

    Fix Chrismess

    too far
  12. Jacob_15

    Need to make messages for staff lel :(

    **** off u wont get staff anyway
  13. Jacob_15

    Immortal Raids Admin box + Giveaway ;D

    who tf uses a green pack
  14. Jacob_15

    rules change

    rules are rules kid deal with it
  15. Jacob_15


    **** off
  16. Jacob_15

    Why is Treasure Wars failing?

    i didnt read it -1
  17. Jacob_15

    Using the only GK on Pirate to knife CruderTax!

    id rather knife a wolf
  18. Jacob_15