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  1. RO__K


  2. RO__K


    Sup, how are y'all.
  3. RO__K


    How's everyone doing? Thought I'd stop by.
  4. RO__K

    Somalia Recruitment Page

    This is a recruitment page to join the faction Somalia. We are playing The Cursed Desert Answer the following questions to be considered. IGN: Past IGNs: Rank: Why do you want to join?: What makes you qualified?: How active are you?: Past factions?: For Somalia, loyalty is everything. We...
  5. RO__K

    Random Class Gems

    Why are users who actually bought the classes having the risk to lose that. Such a simple solution could have been made. As of late, the trye updates prior to the reset were "class" updates. Instead of adding new classes such as Thanksgiving, and Summer. You could have reworked older classes...
  6. RO__K

    Trading 700 Million + More on Reforged for an unban on "Sickal"

    Hello all! Today I am posting this because I want to trade for a rank on Reforged. I recently got the fastest 700mil in 10 minutes of gameplay, and I want to trade for an unban on the account "Sickal". He is a good friend of mine and got banned. So I would love to get him unbanned. This is my...
  7. RO__K

    Base Building

    Every single factions server has seemed to lose faith in base building. Base building is what makes faction servers, and without bases it can just be called a pvp server with an economy. I'm hoping there will be more updates in the future that actually are more focused around bases, and bring...
  8. RO__K


    *thinking* Might try it out for a day or two, I'll see.
  9. RO__K

    Official Goodbye

    As most of the older forums users know, I have not played Treasurewars for a very long time. This is my official goodbye. Thanks to anyone who helped me along the way. Pce.
  10. RO__K

    Console Client

    Can we get console client lol? This is more of a pvp server than factions. Factions has many aspects to its realm of wonders. Raiding needs a massive boost. F top, console client would help here. Pvp(I guess). Just wondering your thoughts on this.
  11. RO__K

    Small Recruitment Thread

    If you know me pretty well, and would like to join on forgotten reset. Let me know.
  12. RO__K


    How have the people who still play been?
  13. RO__K

    Hold Up

    Did @Epiales actually call me bad at making money and pvp? Hold up LOL. I'm schleeep. 1v1 me anytime, on any pot pvp server. Go on alien take a look at f top on cosmic buddy boy. Do /mctop. I'm honestly laughing right now.
  14. RO__K

    Forgotten's Best of All Time

    Well due to popular demand, people want to know my top 10 of all time. And me being me, I put myself in lol. And to all you salty ass season 2 players. You don't deserve to be here. Play when the server is popular, not when there is 50 players on the realm. The beginning of map 2 was fun, but...
  15. RO__K


    It's about time I make this post. Well... I think we all know what it is. Aight, so I have been playing Treasurewars from day 2, and I think I'm going to take my talents to South Beach (basketball fans, you better know this reference). Na but for real, it is time I end my journey here. It...
  16. RO__K

    Faction War Event

    In my opinion based on the pictures given to us in the general description of the event, I noticed that ther3 are only 4 walls. In my opinion, I personally believe that 4 walls is too little. If they really want to see who is skilled and who is not, then 4 walls is not enough. Cannon choice is...
  17. RO__K


    Well this is when we actually believed vikkstar and lachlan might actually come back haha. But no worries, we took over cosmic alien planet. So first let me get the tags in and then we can all see this masterpiece that ClasssicMan made xD. Rip classic doesn't have a forums account anymore so...
  18. RO__K

    Ty liz

    Thanks liz for banning me @Horep and @Shmalex for saying kyz. Great rules. :)
  19. RO__K

    2016 Olympics

    Well the time every 4 years has finally arrived where the world meet each in one big event. Good luck to all countries in this year's Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympics. Personally being from USA, I am rooting for my country :P, comment down below what country you are rooting for. No toxicity here...
  20. RO__K

    RO__K's Ban Report against Cianoislegend for Other

    Ban reports are considered and evaluated objectively by staff. Please complete the form in its entirety. Remember to be: Specific - including what transpired during the offense and key times if you are including a video. Honest. Include evidence - All ban reports, without exception, require...