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    stacked items

    bring back items so they can stack, i legit have a full pv of heroic clue skips and i think they take up way to much space, same with all the other stuff u get from warzone like keys and crates, i know there was a dupe with having stacked items but please fix the issue cuz its a pain in the ass...
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    sell tokens

    add back sell tokens so that unclaimed bases can be a thing again, collection chests are fucked and u must claim the base if u want to use it so therefore i think that sell tokens should be added back into the game so u dont need to claim ur ig grinder and have it in an unclaimed vault
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    Abnegation class

    i came up with a heroic class that is called Abnegation class, the class inclues 1 mythic key and 1 mythic crate and you can redeem it once a week. i suggest that the class should only get accuired by mythic keys and not on the buycraft' also Abnegation means the selfless and it would be a...
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    all the developers

    would like to see a forum thread of all the developers that has been working on treasure wars seens the server launched
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    Bring back old t-wars

    now the new ig stacking is way to OP and people get alot of igs some even have bilions of spawner value because of this. before when i played treasure wars the highest f top faction had almost 1bil spawner value and that was alot. i think its boring to play the game when its eazy to get spawners...
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    Old war coins

    I thinl that we should bring back the old war coins because the new ones isnt that good and you should be able to have them in a ”Bowl” like before. Also you should be able to obtain war coins from opening washup chests. This is just my opinion about it and it would be great IF we got the old...