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  1. Deathstrike1030

    Watch out for CLASSES

    Okay so 30$ for 2 classes seem good right but no it gives you a mystery crate and the chances for it is low because I opened 9 and got 1 and my luck is usually really good and 30$ for 2 pretty much a cosmic Fallen Hero is OVer priced There was no fourms post either about it like the heck?
  2. Deathstrike1030

    Oblivion Recruitment

    Okay I am Destroyinq_1030 a member from infinity synergy Wolfpack I am a pretty well known member I could say I love pvping with others and have a good time at a raid we are hoping to get a corner claim this upcoming season and if you want to join us hmu by following this format we will also...
  3. Deathstrike1030


    My Giveaway is out check out Destroyinq_1030 for giveaway information
  4. Deathstrike1030

    100 Messages GG

    I got 100 messages today yay I am a addict now gg
  5. Deathstrike1030

    Sorry Eric

    Okay guys the giveaway will be hosted somewhere else probably on my YouTube so that we don't promote spam I didn't know that it was considered "Promoting Spam" because I thought the only person that would get spammed or swarmed was me sorry Forgive me Eric -Destroyinq
  6. Deathstrike1030

    Destroyinq_1030 Giveaway

    I am doing a God Rank Giveaway For when I hit 150 positive like ratings Any realm I'll give you guys the detail about it when I hit 145 positive like ratings thank you guys You guys got intill Sunday so go look at my post ;) Because school is starting soon and sort of getting busy so go find my...
  7. Deathstrike1030

    Things That Should be Implanted

    Okay so today's suggestion post from me is about stuff that should be added to the server I've asked some people (about 200) from other servers and this server what they like in a server/faction server here is what I got (that is not already inside TreasureWars Not Number Order #1 Koths #2...
  8. Deathstrike1030

    Classes Ideas

    Okay so there has been some people asking for new classes and some others asking for powered up old classes, So today I will be making a thread about New Classes Today I've brought y'all 3 classes 1. Valkyrie Class Helmet Protection 4 Unbreaking 3 Anti Life 1-10 Time heal 1-5 Stealth 1-4...
  9. Deathstrike1030

    Revamping Classes MEGA CLASSES

    The first 4 classes are Lame so Let's make em lit again well not to over powered just good enough to work off of And they are cheap classes so not to OP Energized Warrior Helmet Protection Unbreaking HealthBoost Spiked Chestplate Protection Unbreaking Reinforced Platemail Fat Leggings...
  10. Deathstrike1030

    Xp Idea

    Destroyinq_1030 Idea There isn't much to do with xp here is only 1)Clue scrolls 2)RuneWizard So grinding isn't that important like cosmic Each one should give you a random rune of that type of rarity and it could be the maxed lvl or the lowest lvl What I mean Rune Pouch - something like this it...
  11. Deathstrike1030

    Destroyinq_1030 Faction Receuitment

    Hi guys you may know me as Deathstrike1030 or DankDeath1030 or DankMoneyz1030 or Destroyinq_1030 (I know I need to stop changing my ign) What we can offer you 1) High Good Quality Pvp 2) F home 3) Derps 4) Grinder 5) Good Timezz 6) Friends (IK u might need some) 7) Raids all Dayzzz 8) DankMemes...